How long’s a piece of string? Estimating website build times – a pocket-sized guide for accountancy firms

Website build times vary depending on the sector, project complexity, and which functions the client requires (that’s you by the way). This makes it harder for us to give estimates – no matter how keen you are to get started.

Finding the right partner is essential – arguably more important than the design and implementation of your website. That’s why it’s important to compare web development agencies – so you can proceed with confidence.

In this very short guide we’ll explain:

  • Why successful website builds stem from close consultations and what this initial process involves
  • What to do if your accountancy firm is in a hurry and doesn’t want to wait weeks or months for its website
  • The average amount of time it takes to design, approve, and publish a new website
  • The key considerations to bear in mind when committing time and money to a new site

what is a wireframe?

How do web consultations work?

The initial consultation stage is robust, detail focussed and designed to help the agency understand your needs – so their in-house team can produce an error-free finished product that represents your vision.

Before website build times can be estimated your agency will…

Arrange an initial call

If you’re local this might be face-to-face. Otherwise the session will be conducted via a video link. This is an information gathering exercise used to create a plan.

Approve the plan

It’s important you review the document and highlight any errors – while raising concerns if you’re unsure about anything. Errors can be rectified later but at a cost.


Review wireframes

Next it’s time to review wireframe mock-ups of your site design. You can select the one you like most or ask for tweaks before giving your web agency the greenlight.

Work commences

For your peace of mind an estimated website build time will be given. As work progresses there’ll be some inevitable dialog bouncing back and forth between you and your developers.

Final changes 

At this stage you’ll probably jump on a call to discuss the design. Final revisions will be agreed after which your brand new site will go live.

Key considerations for accountancy firms

  • Building trust with your audience is essential. Well organised navigation systems, clear layouts, and fully-functional forms will help put customers at ease.
  • The final design should reflect your values. Using the correct colour palettes, font styles, and tone of voice will ensure your brand is accurately reflected.
  • User experience matters. Ensuring elements aren’t grouped closely together, that calls to action are clear, and creating a seamless buying journey is vital.
  • Include a blog publishing function. Sharing your expertise with prospects will keep your brand visible in their minds – improving conversion rates.
  • Continuous service is essential. So check which hosting company your developers have chosen, what their track record is, and which servers they use.

website design for accountants

And the average website build time is?

Two to three months is a good rule of thumb for a site requiring advanced functionality. It’s better to spend longer and get it right than rush the process – resulting in costly fixes that disrupt user experiences and affect lead generation.

And if the estimated website build time is too long?

Then you can use drag-and-drop website builders like Wix or GoDaddy which require little or no experience to use. Sites can be live in a couple of days.

Drag-and-drop websites can’t do everything. But if you want something clean, simple, and don’t need advanced features this option might be a better bet.

Comparing web development agencies? Then you should talk to Boss Digital

With extensive experience of helping professional service firms like yours improve engagement and generate measurably more ROI we’re probably the perfect match for your web design project.

Book a free consultation so we can learn more about your business, its aims, and website design plans.

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