How Pinterest Made Insurance, Electricity & Floor Boards Cool!

Pinterest could be called an unchartered social media platform when it comes to using it for business purposes.  Whilst the corporate world is slowly waking up to the benefits of using it, the fact that it now drives more referral traffic to users websites than Bing organic search being a big push,  it is still relatively virgin ground from a marketing point of view.

There are some companies who are blazing a trail and I predict that it won’t be long before these trails become tracks carved out by the bandwagon.

Pet Plan

Pet Plan is an American Pet Insurance Company. Pet Plan has used Pinterest to thaw the ice of a traditionally cold and corporate industry. Not only have they crafted an engaging personality using their pin boards, the ‘meet the team’ board being the best example, they have also tried to provide valuable content to their users with boards like ‘pet health tip’s’. 

General Electric

General electric is not your traditional type of social media fodder. Tweets and status updates from a company that provides energy, finance and industrial services will generally not be shared as much as a picture of a cat in a funny hat. Period. However, they have used Pinterest to create boards with content that is typically very social but with a GE twist. Take their ‘badass machines’ board which is dedicated to unique pieces of machinery, the ‘that’s genius’ Thomas Edison quotes board and finally their ‘Hey Girl’ board which is all about geeky inventor style chat up lines as an example.

McKay Flooring

McKay Flooring are a UK based flooring company who have been using Pinterest in conjunction with Instagram to great success. The area of interior design and DIY is very popular on Pinterest but McKay have taken this a step further and broken these themes down even further. Take their ‘reclaimed’ board which has images of old windows converted in to picture frames and wine racks made from whiskey barrels. Their ‘Polished Concrete Flooring’ board is also worth a look with images of ornately decorated concrete floors from around the world. McKay flooring said:

“We have found that Pinterest has driven a high amount of traffic to our website. With Pinterest finding a common ground with your audience is a must. We try to make our boards interesting to our audience without boring them with all our own products.”

Overall I think that with a little bit of creativity most businesses can think of and create boards that are engaging. None of the companies featured here typically lend themselves to social media but all have found an angle whether that be cute, humorous, helpful or inspiring!

What will your angle be?

P.S Checkout our Pinterest for Business board for loads of help and inspiration!

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