How to build a brand in 2023: a superfast guide for accountancy firms

How to build a brand. That’s a tough nut to crack. Because everyone has a different opinion. There is one point most experts do agree on though: building a brand in 2023 means mastering several things – rather than excelling in a specific area.

Fortunately, there are steps you can follow to ensure your brand stands out from the crowd, is cohesive, powerful, and memorable.

how to create an accountancy brand

Competition has never been greater – so strong branding is essential 

By which we mean you’re not just competing with other accountancy firms – but the entire world. So how can you create a brand that’s instantly recognisable and which connotes trust, credibility, and expertise (all of which are hallmarks of a good accountancy firm)?

Apple’s trademark logo is instantly recognisable, easy to remember, and synonymous with high-quality tech people queuing up to buy days in advance. McDonalds infamous arches have become synonymous with tasty and affordable fast food.

So, if you want to know how to build a brand in 2023

  • Write down your values
  • Create a brand persona
  • Define your market position

From this process will evolve a cohesive identity. If you’re targeting big businesses with deep pockets your tone of voice might veer toward formal – so as to build trust and position your firm as knowledgeable. 

To convey expertise and build rapport:

  • Your logo should look sharp – suggesting you’ve invested time and money creating it (just as you would when nurturing a customer relationship)
  • Messaging – whether in an ad, on your website or in a social media feed – should be formal, to the point, and use evidence to back up claims

In short, it’s about being consistent across all channels so your audience starts to associate your values and expertise with a logo that’ll stand out even in the busiest social feed and stop them from scrolling.

Not sure how to build a brand? Start creating content for your digital marketing channels. 

Should you use all available platforms? Only if they’re right for your business and depending on how much time you can devote to content creation.

2023 brand strategies

Website and email marketing

Website and email content are non negotiable. These are the only two digital platforms your business owns – allowing you to create one-on-one dialogues with customers – but without having to compete with rivals and other digital noise.

Use your website to publish…

  • Insightful blogs your customers will want to share
  • Detailed guides with tips they can put into practice
  • Case studies loaded with social proof your brand works

As for email, use it to…

  • Target segmented lists, tailoring messaging to suit the needs of different sectors, for example
  • Share information about your business in terms of growth, new hires, and plans for expansion
  • Introduce new services or explain in more detail how existing services work and add value

guide to branding for accountants

Social media platforms

Then there’s the question of how to build a brand on social media. Having a presence on at least two channels is advisable and, as we mentioned earlier, consistency is key.

Why not use social channels like YouTube, TikTok and Instagram to…

  • Share images or videos of your offices
  • Introduce new hires and explain their roles
  • Upload popular webinars you’ve hosted 
  • Showcase your firm’s biggest success stories

LinkedIn is a great way to get your brand in front of the right people and there’s no need to invent the wheel – so don’t be afraid of posting video content already published on video sharing sites.

We know how to build a brand in 2023 – so start your journey with Boss Digital

Book a free consultation with one of our branding experts and let’s get your business off the starting blocks in the best way possible.

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