How to build engaged social media communities: an overview for B2B organisations

Managing social media is a full-time job. Creating well-crafted content that resonates with your audience is a painstaking process that means immersing yourself in your customers’ world – then showing how your product or service responds to the challenges they face.

But showing up isn’t enough. Nor is recognising the problem and presenting the solution. If you want to know how to build engaged social communities here are some tactics you can use to elevate your B2B brand above the humdrum.

social media strategies for b2b

Move trends aside and focus on being authentic

Jumping on a trend is tempting because it’ll garner attention. The meteoric rise of ChatGPT is a case in point: even now, weeks after its launch, the pros and cons of the Musk-funded AI software program are hotly debated by experts and amateurs in equal measure.

If you want to know how to build engaged social media communities here’s an important takeaway: write for your audience not because you want to jump on the trend bandwagon. 

  • Will ChatGPT strike a chord with your followers? If so, then by all means explain the ramifications it will have on their lives.
  • But if posting about AI software will confuse or alienate your audience write about something else closer to their hearts instead

The Field Of Dreams is a fallacy – engagement is reciprocal

Have you ever seen the Kevin Costner film, Field of Dreams? A baseball fanatic is told ‘if you build it they will come.’ The ‘it’ in question is a baseball stadium which Costner creates behind his farmstead. And, sure enough, the ghosts of long-dead players soon arrive to pitch and bat against one another.

But this isn’t how you build engaged social media communities. True, putting in place the right digital architecture is important. As is creating on-point posts that speak to your audience’s needs.

But to turn idle scrollers into die-hard followers you’ll need to start:

  • Liking, commenting, and sharing their content 
  • Sending them tailored direct messages 
  • In certain cases, recommending them
  • Tagging them in relevant posts 

Over time this process will help build recognition of your brand while also creating a mutually beneficial process whereby you support one another’s efforts.

social media in 2023

Ask your followers what they really want, then deliver!

A/B testing social content has its merits. But if you want to build engaged social media communities the greatest weapon in your digital arsenal is arguably the survey feature – which is built into most popular platforms as standard.

Ask followers and non-followers alike:

  • Which content they like most and least
  • What topics they want to see in the future

Also use engagement as a measure of interest. Which posts get the most traction – and, correspondingly, which ones get lost in the digital mist? Reading comments is important too. A smattering of likes does not a good post make. Strong content provokes strong discussions. 

Need help building engaged social media communities for your B2B brand?

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