How to use fonts on social media and stand out in an otherwise bland crowd


Let’s be honest, most social media posts are often…dull. Not just in terms of content but presentation too. When was the last time an Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn post really caught your attention? In this very short guide, we’ll show you how to use fonts on social media and make your brand stand out from the ho-hum crowd.

How to use social media fonts in 5 steps

Step 1 – Write your content first

Don’t fret over fonts just yet. Instead, take a content-first approach. If your messaging is off, not even the most eye-catching font will be enough to salvage your post.

  • Draft your message 
  • Read through it
  • Thoroughly edit

Repeat steps 1 & 2 until you’re happy the content makes sense, is targeting the right audience, and is error-free. 

Step 2 – Find a free font generator

The internet’s brimming over with free font generators. Some are better than others so do your research. For the purposes of this guide, we chose Font Space.

You may also want to check out:

  • Lorem Ipsum Font Generator
  • Cool Symbol
  • Lingojam

Step 3 – Paste your text into the font generator

Here’s how to use fonts on social media using a free tool like Font Space.

font generation tool

Scroll through until you find a font you like. We’d suggest picking your top three and then pasting them into a Word doc – so you can compare and make an informed decision. 

Step 4 – Liven up your post with emojis

Should you use emojis in a social post? It depends on your audience. But emojis are a great way to capture attention – especially when used in conjunction with an eye-catching font.

free emoji websites

Fortunately, there’s an abundance of free emoji sites online so you’ll have little trouble finding a library of exciting emoticons to enervate and engage your audience. 

Get Emoji is worth a look, but you may also want to check out…

  • Emoji Copy and Paste
  • Freecodecamp
  • Emoji Copy

Step 5 -Review before publishing

Understanding emojis is as important as knowing how to use fonts on social media. Ultimately, though, it’s about striking a balance. You want your post to pop out of the page but for all the right reasons.

Before publishing, consider…

  • Are your emojis appropriate? Make sure they convey the intended meaning – to avoid confusion or causing offence
  • Is the layout clean? Overusing fonts and emojis can make a post hard to read – so remove clutter wherever necessary
  • Is your font on-brand? Consistency is key if you want to win the engagement war
  • Is your font easy to read? Style should never triumph over substance


Now you know how to use fonts on social media, it’s time to start experimenting. Or, if you need a helping hand with your digital marketing, contact us instead and let’s get to know each other over a hot beverage!

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