How to use push notifications to win more customers

If you’ve ever booked a holiday online, downloaded a game, or checked the weather on your smartphone, you’ve probably received a push notification.

Push notifications allow businesses to deliver content to prospective and existing customers without having to bypass pesky spam filters.

Here’s how it all works…

What are push notifications?

A push notification pops up on a user’s smartphone’s home screen. But not without their permission. If they accept, the app will send them messages – whether they’re logged in or not.

In a nutshell:

  • You can send push messages as often as you want or program them to activate based on user activity 
  • Users can unsubscribe at any time – so it’s important not to spam them with too many messages
  • Once the app has been uninstalled users will stop receiving notifications

Are push messages effective?

If used correctly, targeted notifications can build better engagement and generate more leads for your business, as the following three examples demonstrate.

Deliver better experiences

Notifications can be used to provide customers with useful information.

You could use notifications to…

  • Explain your offering
  • Share company news
  • Advertise local events
  • Invite customer feedback
  • Say thank you

By adding value that transcends the transactional you can build better rapport.

how do push notifications work?

Generate even more sales

If a user has downloaded your app they’re either an existing customer or a fan of your product or service. Should you start spamming them with special offers or upsells? If infrequent these messages can be highly effective, provided the wording is punchy and persuasive. 

Enjoy unfiltered access

Companies spend days creating beautifully designed emails only for the message to fall foul of overzealous spam filters. Just as many jostle for attention on overcrowded social platforms, their carefully planned posts garnering little to no attention.

Push notifications needn’t abide by any rules but your own. This means you can have 121 conversations with customers without having to aggressively carve out a digital territory on your chosen platforms.

How are server push notifications used?

For your strategy to be effective:

  • User behaviour across all relevant platforms must be understood 
  • Your audience don’t have to opt in; so make sure your invitation is persuasive
  • Test and retest to ensure the in-app experience is bug-free and engaging
  • Obsess over messaging by:
    • creating tailoring content to meet the needs of your demographic – rather than catch-all statements that could apply to anyone
    • focussing on a specific aim – for example, to explain your product or service – so the user knows exactly what’s expected of them
    • using persuasive language that’ll arouse audience curiosity and encourage them to take the intended action

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