Hyperlocal marketing is trending in the legal sector – but what is it and should you participate?

Sometimes less is better. This sounds like a strange thing for a marketing agency to say, doesn’t it. We’re meant to sell the idea that ‘bigger is better.’ But hyperlocal marketing turns this idea on its head.

Focussing on a small geographical area – rather than an entire town and its surrounding areas – could help your law firm outclass nearby rivals competing with you for actual and digital turf in your area.

Read on to learn:

  • What hyperlocal marketing is all about
  • How it works and the best way to use it
  • Tactics you can deploy today to start winning 


What is hyperlocal marketing?

If your law firm is regional then its marketing activities are probably geared toward attracting customers from within a commutable radius. 

This tactic – known as local SEO – is used by a range of organisations and businesses based in specific geographical areas and can be highly effective.

National chains with offices across the UK take advantage of this strategy too – so they can compete with established local brands.

Hyperlocal marketing takes this further, with businesses targeting specific city blocks or honing in on certain streets.

If this sounds like snooping, it isn’t. It’s reverse engineering. Right now your customers are searching for ‘law firms near me.’

So why not help them out by being more specific!

How does hyperlocal marketing work?

Imagine a customer looking for a local law firm to write their will. Having driven in circles looking for parking – and having dropped some coins in the metre – the only apparent law firm in the village is closed. And they don’t even offer a will writing service.

Rather than restart their search the savvy customer taps ‘will writer near me.’ into their smartphone. Apparently, there’s one around the corner. The owner works from home – operating from their modified garage.

Would the customer have found this local will writing service if the owner hadn’t taken advantage of tried-and-tested digital marketing tools to make their business highly visible to local customers?

On that note, how do you kickstart your hyperlocal marketing campaign?

Market research is hard

Creating your hyperlocal campaign – what steps should you take?

Here are four essential tactics to integrate into your campaign.

#1 Geo-specific web content

Integrating street names into blogs is a great way to capture digital traffic. It needn’t be complicated, either. Simply weave the names of specific road names into your content – but without keyword stuffing.

Creating a community page will help too. Writing about local events provides opportunities to mention specific areas within the town, city, or village you serve – increasing the relevance of web traffic.

#2 Hyperlocalised ads

Google Ads are seen by millions daily. But you can also tap into a more local audience by selecting your location and adjusting your radius targeting.

To be truly hyperlocal you’ll want to limit your ad campaign to a one- or two-mile radius – so you can create finely executed niche campaigns.

#3 Get social & local

Posting on social media is free. So start connecting with other local businesses by commenting on and sharing their content. They’re bound to return the favour and you’ll benefit from exposure to prospects looking for legal support in your area too.

You can also backlink to your community pages from posts and start building a strong following – keeping your brand visible to local customers while making it credible and trustworthy.

how to post on social media

# 4 Google My Business

Not listed on Google My Business? Then you need to sign-up. This is where the king of search engines stores information about businesses alongside detailed maps – revealing everything from opening hours and locations to peak times and website addresses. 

# 5 Customer Reviews

Reviews from happy customers strongly influence search engine results. And if your law firm wants to go down the hyperlocal marketing route this is an easy win that’s sure to attract local customers.

When you want to eat out, what do you do? Google ‘restaurants near me’ of course. And, in most cases, you probably spend time reading reviews to check which eateries are kosher.

So, what are you waiting for? 

  • Send your highly satisfied clients an email asking them for a review
  • Repurpose the review as a testimonial on your website
  • Add the feedback to a localised blog about your firm

Hyped about hyperlocal but need some help?

Then book a free virtual consultation with one of our digital marketing experts and let’s talk about getting your law firm in front of the right audience.

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