If your charity event marketing is uneventful, try this

Does fundraising make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end? If so, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Charity event marketing – if well executed, can fill your coffers with cash – but is also time-consuming and can fall flat if poorly conceived. 

Charity event marketing will only succeed if you start with a solid plan. That way the odds of attracting the right guests – and engaging them with your cause – will increase tenfold. .

Here are some event marketing ideas to get you started.

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Creating your event marketing plan

Creating a plan early is essential. So, once your fundraiser is greenlit, you’ll need to get grafting – building community awareness and rallying followers on your social channels.

Time management isn’t dead

Far from it. Indeed, it’s arguably the most powerful tool at your disposal – and costs nothing other than…your time.

Six months and counting

While the clock ticks down toward zero use the time available to…

  • Cost the project realistically
  • Compare a range of venues
  • Allocate tasks to team members
  • Invest in necessary resources
  • Seek out volunteers

Three months and counting

Now it’s time to ramp up activity by sending invitations to targeted audiences – while increasing activity across social channels and running dedicated email campaigns.

Although time-consuming this relentless level of activity should be maintained until a few days prior to your event, so it remains prominent in your audience’s minds.

Nailing your marketing – which channels are best?

Examples of channels to maximise the success of your charity event marketing include…

  • Blogs. Your website is one of the few digital assets you own and, therefore, have control of. So, use it to write persuasive and highly informative blogs about your event – including links to the venue and online donation portals.
  • Email. Creating an email campaign to elevate awareness of your fundraiser will keep the event in people’s minds. You can even segment your audience to effectively target participants – for example, volunteers versus donors.
  • Social. Posting on social costs nothing yet can reach 1000s in one fell swoop. And the better your content the greater the chance it’ll be shared – perhaps even going viral if you strike the right note at the right time.
  • Print. Posters, pamphlets, and cards in shop windows might not boast the same levels of reach as digital channels. But you never know who’s reading. So…why not when the outlay is comparatively low.

charity event marketing ideas

Keep on marketing – on launch day and beyond

Your resourcefulness and tenacity paid off. Donors are swarming the venue. This means you can kick off your shoes, fire up a hot brew, and watch as your coffers fill with gold.

Except you can’t. Taking your foot off the gas at this pivotal moment could undo your hard work. Now’s the time to keep momentum by sharing live results and encouraging donors to dig deeper to further buffer your bounty.

Why not…

  • Live stream your event on social channels to donations from non-attendees
  • Contact a local paper or television channel to see if they’d cover your fundraiser – elevating awareness of your campaign to national level
  • Take photos and video the event, then use those assets to further promote your cause and attract attention

Acknowledge your community and donors after the event

Charity event marketing doesn’t end after the lights have dimmed and the glassware polished and put away. Tell attendees how much you raised, thank them for their support, and outline how their money will be spent.

Also take time to thank anyone involved in making your fundraiser a roaring success: volunteers, the local media, and sponsors are just a few of them.

There’s no harm in getting organised for next year. So, start seeding this idea in follow-up comms while your audience is still engaged and excited.

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