The most important challenge any business owner or marketing director can set themselves


The difference between brand identity and brand positioning is that while brand identity encompasses the entire brand and is fixed over time, brand positioning is a question of identifying certain elements of that brand identity and really emphasising them in order to access a particular market at a particular time.

People can get really confused over brand positioning, which is why I always recommend taking the following, very simple approach.
– First of all, it must be something that you’re passionate about and that you believe you can do really well
– Secondly, it must be something that really matters to your target audience. Ideally a growing area of demand.
– Finally, it must be something that is not currently owned by a competing brand, which is not to say the competition is neglecting it entirely, but just that nobody really owns it in the minds of the consumer.

That probably sounds quite simple. That’s the point of it. However, of course in practice finding something that truly does tick all three of those boxes is really difficult which is why it’s so rare to see a brand achieving huge growth without large advertising budgets, but that’s precisely the value of it and I would argue that’s why it’s the most important challenge a business owner or marketing director can set for themselves.

See you next time.

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