5 Instagram Tips To Help Your Law Firm Reel In New Followers In 2022

If your law firm doesn’t yet have an Instagram account, 2022 is the year to get started. With over 2.9 billion visits per month, Instagram is now the 7th most visited website in the world – so if your law firm doesn’t yet have an account, you will be missing out on a lot of opportunities. 

For many law firms, the biggest thing holding them back is the fear of the unknown. Thankfully, we’re here to help put your mind at ease and help your law firm #master Instagram in 2022. So without further ado, here are our 5 top tips to help your law firm ace Instagram in 2022. 

#1 Partner up 

In the words of Jack Johnson, ‘we’re better together’. And when it comes to Instagram, that is certainly the case. Thanks to the platform’s new collaboration feature, your law firm has the potential to reach a whole new audience (without any extra cost). And it really is as easy as clicking a button.

When it comes to posting your law firm’s newest Instagram feed post or reel, simply invite any relevant account to co-author your content and wait for the views to start pouring in. And since the content will be live on both feeds, not only will your reach increase but your engagement, too. It’s a win-win situation. 

#2 Reel in a new audience

If your law firm is looking to use Instagram to increase reach and brand awareness, then reels are the thing for you. Think of reels as Instagram’s answer to TikTok. They are short videos that can be found in your feed, explore page, stories and reels tab. The best part? If you create the right content for your niche, you have the potential to reach a huge audience. Trending reels are shown in the reels tab and explore page regardless of whether or not someone is following you. What’s not to love about free exposure? 

To ensure you maximise your law firm’s reach, be sure to include 3-5 relevant hashtags per reel to help the algorithm categorise your content correctly. And don’t forget about your existing followers – always share a preview of your reels to your feed!

#3 Merry-go-round (and round and round)

One surefire way to increase your law firm’s reach on Instagram is to create content that will get shared again and again and again. Cue carousel posts. An Instagram carousel post allows you to share multiple images in one post and for many brands, it presents the perfect opportunity to give back to their audience. Creating insightful and educational content is the best way to create value for your audience and keep them coming back for more. And guess what: if they find your content useful, they are more than likely to share it with their peers. So providing your content is relevant and informative enough, you will continue to reap the benefits of carousel posts again and again. 

Top tip: if you create an infographic to share via Instagram, be sure to make the most of assets and share via your other social media channels, website, email – anywhere with a relevant audience! 

#4 Know your niche

Now you know how to increase your reach, you need to understand what your law firm needs to do to convert those new visitors into returning followers. The first – and most obvious – thing you need to prioritise is your feed content and aesthetic. 

When a user visits your page, they should be welcomed by a grid that’s representative of brand image, values and content themes. A great example of how a feed should look is shown below by Lexington Law. It’s clean, on-brand and allows users to gain an understanding of what their account is all about within a matter of seconds. 

instagram for law firms example

With Instagram, consistency is key. Both visually and in terms of content. Establishing a clear niche is vital to attract and retain new followers. Think about it: if someone has followed your account expecting to see a certain type of content and then you decide to switch your focus to something completely different, the likelihood is, your account will no longer be relevant and they will unfollow. And who can blame them? 

#5 Encourage engagement

So you’ve increased your reach and gained some new followers. Now it’s time for the hard part: giving them a reason to stick around. To do this, you need to monitor your metrics and encourage engagement. 

Metrics are important for understanding what content resonates with your followers and will give you an idea of what’s best to post and anything you should avoid or change. It goes without saying, if you are consistently sharing content that your audience engages with, it’s highly likely they like what you are posting and will want to stick around. And vice versa. 

To further your relationship with your followers and build a loyal community that will stick with you for the long run, you need to engage with them. Two-way relationships work a lot better than one-sided ones. So don’t make them do all the work: spark conversation with your Instagram captions and use pinned comments to encourage interaction. And be sure to make the most of stories for your law firm – they are quite literally designed to be interactive. 

instagram for law firms story sticker examples

If your law firm is looking to succeed with social media marketing in 2022, get in touch today to organise your free consultation. Be sure to head over to our case studies page to discover how we have helped businesses transform their social media presence and build a strategy that sells.