Don’t Think You’re Above The Law! Why Your Law Firm Should Be Using Instagram (& 3 Firms Showing Us How It’s done)

Did you know over 1 million people use Instagram every month? And with that number of users, comes a lot of opportunities. No matter your industry, there will be an audience for you. Provided you do your research and know the type of content you need to create to meet your goals and engage your target audience, you will be on track in no time.

With that in mind, here are three law firms to show you how it’s done.

Express yourself

In the words of Charles Wright: express yourself. Instagram is a hub for creativity; the more unique and innovative you can be, the better. It offers a chance for law firms to let their personalities shine through and provides the perfect opportunity to build relationships and connect with new and existing clients. 

instagram for law firms example

And that’s exactly what Forsters LLP does. They think outside the box when it comes to Instagram – quite literally. They make use of Instagram’s grid layout to get the most out of their content, often spanning it across multiple posts. To tie in with this, they also frequently share mini-series – be it centred around trends, recruitment or educational content – which break down a range of informative and relevant topics into bite-sized chunks for their audience. 

Build credibility

Whilst historically Instagram has been thought of as a superficial platform with little benefit for those outside of the fitness and beauty industry, things today could not be more different. It’s a platform full of opportunity – no matter your industry. 

instagram for law firms example

Boodle Hatfield LLP uses Instagram as a place to share their expertise and educate their audience about important topics within the legal industry. Although their posts are eye-catching and incorporate a range of colours and imagery throughout, they are able to maintain a professional image thanks to their choice of rich, traditional colours which help to add a sense of authority to their page. They also share a mix of informative visual content to promote their blog posts and other site content, ranging from quotes to catchy headlines. 

Unlock new talent

Instagram isn’t just a place to build your brand and find new clients – it’s great for recruitment too. Proving just that is Clifford Chance. They have an account dedicated to recruitment on which they share employee stories, content that showcases their company culture and celebrate key achievements. 

Separating their page from the rest is their “through the eyes” series in which they meet with employees from varying roles and experience levels and discuss everything from their favourite part about their role and advice for future employees to examples of their work and significant achievements. 

instagram for law firms example

Whilst their focus is on showcasing their company culture and building a pool of candidates, they don’t let this stand in the way of their brand. They use their story highlights and “through their eyes” series to ensure their branding is used consistently throughout their page without becoming too overwhelming. This creates a cohesive look that helps to strengthen their brand image and make for an aesthetically pleasing page. 

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