Interflora back in full bloom for Mothers’ Day (almost)

It’s not yet a complete recovery, sitting in 9th place for “flowers” and 7th place for “mothers’ day flowers”, but this is still a hell of a revival after their complete removal from the Google index just 12 days ago.

What’s the significance?

11 days for a penalty to be removed is quick. Really quick. Clearly Interflora’s efforts to remove advertorial and other unnatural links has paid off but even so this seems a remarkably fast turnaround. Perhaps it’s a sign that with Mothers’ Day on the horizon, Google thought they were actually damaging the user experience by removing a brand so synonymous with the occasion.

What will be really interesting here is whether or not they now recover in full. The website has been built on extremely aggressive tactics that have served it well for years but it will be surprising if they return to their former glory now that Google has manually inspected the behaviour of the site. Personally I don’t think they should be given another pixel of SERP space until they invest in a less offensive and outdated design!


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