Is that a massive angry penguin on the horizon?

Penguin made quite a splash last year and it seems its descendant is just a few weeks from continuing the drama. Like Jaws 2, the second generation of Penguin is expected to be even bigger and badder than the first, which will be a harrowing prospect for anyone still nursing their wounds.

Last week there was a lot of movement reported online which led to Jamie Dodd asking Matt Cutts if this was in fact the long awaited Penguin 2.0. No replied Matt, but as you can see from his follow up response above, we won’t have to wait much longer.

The last penguin update was October 5th so the tension has been building for six months now. Although on a positive note, any site that was previously a victim of penguin and has since endeavoured to rid itself of the offending tactics that attracted the penalty, will be hoping that they’ll see a big recovery. If you’ve been a little sluggish implementing the suggested remedies (link disavowing, more natural link sources and anchor text distributions and anything to generally increase the brand signals for your site – social, engagement, direct traffic, etc) then you need to act now while you still have the chance!


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