Is writing your lawyer profiles a shrewd move or marketing misfire?

Writing a web-page, blog, email or guide is time-consuming. You have to research the topic. Then write and edit it. You’ll also need to test and track your content.

Hiring an agency means

  • your content will be better; and
  • you’ll have time to focus solely on the needs of your clients. 

But should you write your own lawyer profiles?

Writing your own lawyer profiles makes sense

You know yourself better than anyone. So why ask a third-party to write your lawyer bio? All they’re going to do is ask you questions. Questions you already know the answers to.

The same is true of your team. Each should be tasked with writing their own bios – a process that will make them feel valued, trusted, and encourage some much needed inter-team collaboration (colleagues will most likely seek out tips from one another).

how to write lawyer bios

Should I use video in my lawyer bio or a picture?

Using videos will reap a range of benefits, including…

1. A personalised introduction to your brand 

Personality matters, whether we like to admit it or not. By watching a video, the prospect can decide whether they’d like to work with your team member – based not just on their knowledge but their personality too.

2. Showcase your team’s skill sets in full

A picture doesn’t paint a thousand words. Instead commit your team members’ expertise to video – so they can reassure the many interested customers visiting your page.

3. Stand out from the humdrum crowd

If you not only write your lawyer profiles but include video you’ll stand out head and shoulders from rivals still doing things the old-fashioned way.

what should a lawyer bio include

Tell your content agency what you’re doing

Once you’ve written your lawyer bios it’s time to publish and advertise them. This poses a series of questions.

  • What page will you add the bios to or is a new one required?
  • Is any other copy needed, such as:
    • Headings?
    • Alt tags?
    • Meta titles?
    • Microcopy?
  • Will your profiles form part of a multi-channel strategy? For example you may want to:
    • Task team members with running webinars
    • Share your profiles on LinkedIn
    • Create a corporate video

Your agency will provide strategic guidance to ensure your hot-off-the-press lawyer bios produce the best impact and engagement possible.

how long should a team bio be

Writing your lawyer profiles: the absolute basics

Before you start to graft make note of the following guidelines. They might sound basic but could make all the difference.

Keep copy short

There’s no need to write an essay here. If reading your lawyer bios feels like hard work visitors will drop out of the user experience and go elsewhere. 

Add contact details

Who you gonna call? No one if your lawyer bios are lacking email addresses and telephone numbers. So provide a way for curious customers to get in touch.

Be personable

Writing in the third-person creates a barrier. So encourage your team to write in the first person instead. Better engagement will surely follow.

Consistency matters

Each lawyer profile should follow the same format in terms of:

  • Wordcount
  • Layout 
  • Length
  • Tone 

Other than that encourage lawyers to write in their own style.

bio writing tips

Absolutely no pitching

This isn’t a sales exercise. But team members can still ‘sell’ their expertise by outlining their qualifications and accomplishments to build trust and confidence.

It’s a whole team exercise

Writing bios should be a team-wide exercise. So you’ll need to get buy-in from the lawyers in your business before getting started.

Need help writing your lawyer profiles?

Although we’ve been encouraging you to write team bios in-house it’s not for everyone. Perhaps you’re a small firm with limited time or don’t know where to start.

Book a free consultation with one of our digital marketing experts today and let’s get the ball rolling.

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