Is your law firm the internet’s best-kept secret? Understanding these top SEO ranking factors could turn the tide

If your website is lost in the digital depths of the worldwide web it’s time to fight back. Regain control of your most powerful asset and dominate the search engine results – making your law visible once again to its customers. 

With that in mind, here are three SEO ranking factors you’ll need to understand to storm the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and get more business.

Three SEO ranking factors to help you compete toe-to-toe with rival law firms

#1 What are your page speeds like?

User experience is as important. Yet so many businesses focus on imagery, layouts, and messaging instead – losing sight of the buying journey in the process.

Page speed has always been an important factor. Even more so since 2018 when Google added a mobile search algorithm into the digital mix.

To be blunt: page speed is one of the most important SEO ranking factors. If you want to avoid penalties check your mobile site speed for free here.

duplicate website content

#2 Avoid duplicate content

There are two reasons duplicate content matters – and the two are related. But first, let’s dispel a myth. Although duplicate content is an SEO ranking factor Google doesn’t penalise businesses for copying content from other sites (an outcome that’s sometimes unavoidable).

But if twenty sites host identical content there can only be one winner, because Google won’t publish the same results twice. This means other factors – like page speed, age of site, and backlinks – will be used to decide the eventual victor.

Focus on creating unique legal content your audience will want to digest and you’ll reduce the risk of penalties that might otherwise give competitors a distinct advantage in the search engine rankings.

Customer experience

#3 Always match user intent

Seeding your website with keywords that’ll help Google understand your business and promote it to the right audience is another vital SEO ranking factor. 

Choosing the right keywords and phrases to attract high quality leads is an art itself, though and can fall apart in the execution – resulting in lost opportunities.

The key term ‘legal advice’ sounds safe, doesn’t it? These must surely be people seeking counsel from businesses like yours. But there’s a small problem.

  • People searching for legal advice might be looking for a pro bono solicitor – because they can’t afford to pay
  • Or they might just be looking for information, as opposed to hiring a divorce, commercial, or family lawyer

Seeking out key terms which signal user intent (like ‘buy’ or ‘compare’) signal better SEO ranking opportunities than generic phrases that apply to a wider audience.

Ready to make your legal website top of the SEO charts?

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