Searching For the Secret to Ecstatic Clients? The 5 Tips to Sensational Customer Experience For Law Firms

Customer experience is taking over the marketing world by storm, but too often, the world of law doesn’t take interest in truly pushing their CX to be the best that it can be. And who can blame these firms when 90% of clients have positive emotions at the end of their legal matter? That’s a great statistic, but when 44% of customers never hear from the firm they’ve worked with after their case is closed – it’s clear there’s still some work to be done. 

What is customer experience?

Customer experience is the total sum of every interaction a client has with your business. It includes the pre-sale, onboarding, delivery and post-sale stages – basically, the entire process from discovery to completion. 

Maybe you’re not yet convinced that customer experience is worth the effort. Take a look at a company with the world’s best customer experience going: Amazon. They’ve become one of the highest-grossing companies in the world. Their strong customer focus, stellar use of CRM software to predict buyer habits and world-class customer service all combine to create a next-level customer experience. As such, Amazon was named the most trusted online retailer in the US. 

So, we can see that customer experience is seminal to retaining clients. When it comes to creating repeat business, there’s no better driver than customer experience. So why are the majority of firms letting these clients slip through the cracks with poor customer experience? 

If you’re a firm looking to improve their customer experience, we’ve compiled our top 5 top tips for improving the customer experience for law firms.

Following up

When 44% of clients never hear from a law firm after their case is dealt with, there’s a definite opportunity to improve the CX. Keeping in touch with clients after your business with them has concluded is a tried and tested marketing strategy. It pays to stay in close contact with your clients and stay at the forefront of their minds during every stage of the sales process. Informative emails that provide value to your customers are always welcome in their inboxes. It helps your firm to stay relevant and it helps your customers to stay fully informed.

Pitching other services

Staying in close contact with your customers has a lot of benefits: staying at the forefront of their minds, building a relationship and providing them with an opportunity to work with your firm again. Once you’ve established a rapport with your customers and aided them in one matter, it becomes infinitely easier to gain repeat business. Say you’ve assisted a client with their divorce proceedings. You could then suggest you assist them with their will or another service that your firm provides. 

Building trust and empathising 

We’re all emotional creatures at heart. Even when we’re at work. The common misconception that the world of B2B marketing should be strictly logical and clinical is completely misinformed. Clients that will be interacting with your law firm need to build trust and reassurance with your business before they’ll feel secure enough to become a customer. Clients will often feel frightened and hesitant because they don’t understand the world of law for themselves. It’s a firm’s job to help put their mind at ease and create a sense of trust – and great customer service is the most valuable tool you could use. Empathising with the customer and being aware of their emotions is a great guide for customer experience and for planning your sales process.

Understanding different audiences 

If you’re a law firm with a range of audiences, even just two different audiences, it’s vital to understand how these separate audiences may want different things. For example, younger people (under 40) are much more likely to prefer using chatbots over speaking to someone over the phone. In contrast, older people (over 40) are more likely to want to speak with someone directly – be that in a face-to-face meeting or over the phone. Catering to both of these group’s unique wants and needs is vital to maintaining a great customer experience. 

Service delivery

The most important factor for customer satisfaction: a successful delivery! But there are lots of things that make up great service delivery. Clear communication, understanding the customer’s concerns and the previous experience of the firm are but a few of the aspects of service delivery. Another important aspect is replying quickly to any questions a customer may have. Most expect same-day responses, and we’d certainly recommend replying within the working day if you want satisfied, happy customers. 

If you’re a law firm looking to make a difference with their marketing, contact Boss Digital today for a free consultation.

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