Putting in a Thousand Percent: Lead Generation for Law Firms (and How Leads Increased by 958%)

In May 2021, we increased one of our client’s lead generation by 958.33% – from only 12 leads generated to 127. And they’ve stayed high ever since. What’s our secret? There’s nothing magic about it. It’s such a simple trick that you’ll kick yourself when we tell you. It works great for all kinds of industries, but especially for lead generations for law firms

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All it took was gating our content. We provided an optional form so users could be emailed the content and subscribe to the mailing list. 

This content is specifically for a storage company, but the principle works across all industries. After completing a simple quiz on the user’s requirements for their storage needs, they’re met with this form:

If you look closely, you can see a little checkbox that we put on all our lead generation forms – on all kinds of content, from landing pages to whitepapers. 

To receive the content, the user has to click the box. This is a completely above-board way to further your lead generation because the user has shown genuine interest in your company. So long as the user can easily unsubscribe to your mailing list at any time. This method of lead generation is really second to none and is essential for lead generation for law firms.

What is gated content?

So, you’ve got a prime example, but what is gated content in plain terms? And how does it aid with lead generation for law firms? 

Gated content is content that isn’t immediately accessible and requires something from the user to gain access. This can be content that lies behind a paywall. However, generally, all that is required of the user is some of their data – often their name and email address. This data is then collected in an optional form attached to the gated content. 

It’s important to understand when to use gated content, as not all content is a good fit.  By gating your content, you’re making it seem much more valuable and useful than open access content. It also hooks your audience in and makes them far more excited to consume your content due to the exclusively of it. 

With the information that has been voluntarily offered by your users, you’ll then be able to market to them directly. You’ll already know that they’re interested in your service and you can begin to nurture a relationship with them.

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Content used for lead generation for law firms

A quiz based on your storage needs probably isn’t the right fit for a law firm. However, there is plenty to learn from this example of gated content! Lead generation for law firms works really well in this regard as plenty of legal content is educationally based. We’ve narrowed down some of the gated content that’s best for lead generation:

  • Research reports – in-depth reports with research-based in your firm’s speciality
  • Tools and resources – useful resources to help make your user’s life easier, eg helping them fill out common paperwork
  • eBooks – long-form informative pieces that cover the key aspects of your firm’s industry 
  • Whitepapers – similar to eBooks, but in a shorter form
  • Webinars – interactive sessions that allow the user to gain insight into your firm and provide answers to their key questions
  • Training videos – prerecorded material that answers key questions 
  • Checklists – guide users through the key steps of the legal process

Why email subscribers help lead generation for law firms

The fantastic thing about email subscribers it that your educational,information content lands straight into people’s inboxes. The more subscribers that you accumulate, the more traffic you’ll have landing on your website and content. That’s invaluable stuff! 

These are people that have the potential to invest into your content, your firm and are much more likely to use your services – even if they’re not quite ready to use your firm quite yet. You’ll be right at the front of their minds when they are ready to use you. This is a prime example of nurturing leads into clients and move them further along your marketing funnel. 

On top of using clever CTAs (calls to action) on your non-gated content, your firm will be rolling in leads in no time. If you’re a law firm looking for help with your lead generation, contact us today for a free consultation.

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