LinkedIn broadcast major milestone via its elite

You may have recently seen a tweet or two from the cream of the LinkedIn crop. Those special few that were emailed directly by LinkedIn to be informed that they were in the top 5% of profiles viewed in 2012.

This was all part of a creative marketing campaign by LinkedIn to brag about the fact that they’ve finally hit 200 million members, and no better way to get their one big brag out there than via millions of mini brags. So LinkedIn sent an email out to those users that had received the most views in 2012 and suggested they spread the word. And the incredible thing is, it worked.

The lucky recipients (presumably excluding those that did the maths and realised this made them one of a not so elite 10 million) got to work broadcasting their LinkedIn fame from the rooftops of every other social media network. Over 82,000 tweets alone were sent out regarding this awe inspiring achievement.

Congratulations LinkedIn. Your elite are complete morons.

Okay, you’ve got me; I’m just bitter I didn’t make the cut.


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