Lawyers Linking Up: Navigating LinkedIn Groups for Law Firms

LinkedIn – the place to be for law firms all over. This polished, professional social network is the perfect place to thrive in the legal profession. When 2 professionals join LinkedIn every second, we’re sure your firm already has its own profile. And if not? We’re already got some simple steps to help you get started. But if you’re already raring to go with a profile, you’ve got to get into one of the site’s best opportunities for networking: LinkedIn groups for law firms.

LinkedIn groups are one of the best ways to network within your industry and meet other professionals in your space. It’s a great place to promote your firm and also your personal brand. 

We’ll be walking you through what LinkedIn groups are, how to get involved with these hugely helpful groups, and some of the best practices to follow.

linkedin groups for law firms

What are LinkedIn groups for law firms?

If you’ve ever wanted to connect with people in your industry but weren’t sure where to begin, then LinkedIn groups are for you. These are spaces for legal professionals to find each other and impart their knowledge, ask questions, and build long-lasting connections. It’s like a big in-person networking event, but you can be in your pyjamas for the whole time.

LinkedIn groups for law firms aren’t a new thing. However, after the… *ahem*… events of 2020… they’ve been the best way to form meaningful connections within the legal industry. And even as the world begins to open back up again, social media trends have been moving more towards community-based networking, and their impact is only continuing to grow.

But beware – not just anyone is allowed to waltz into a LinkedIn group. Only members are allowed to comment, post, or even view the group! Group admins can also set their own criteria and gatekeep the group as they see fit.

If you ever are let into the gilded gates of a group, they’ll show up automatically on your profile under your ‘interest’ section. Maybe you don’t want everyone to be able to see your groups. That’s okay! You can edit the visibility of the groups so they’re not on your profile. 

There are also unlisted groups – which, as the name suggests, are groups that are unlisted in search results. You’ll need a direct link to the group or a specific invitation. Think of it as a private club. It’s exclusive!


How to get involved with LinkedIn groups for law firms

When it comes to LinkedIn groups, you get what you give. If you want to be a big name in the group, you have to actively contribute insightful, valuable knowledge to the group. Never just blast how great you and your firm are – people see straight through it! Here are 5 of our top tips for interacting within LinkedIn groups for law firms. 

Be a contributor

It’s essential to bring value to the group. You have a whole wealth of knowledge under your belt that you can provide, so why keep it all to yourself? It creates a lot of credibility for yourself and your firm and positions yourself as a kind of thought leader. 

Join the conversation

When you join a group, you’re hopping onto a conversation that’s been ongoing for some time. (Unless you’re the group’s founder, of course!)  It’s bad form to barge in with your own content and refuse to continue the flow of the group. Just like if you walked up to a round-table talk – observe the tone of the discussion and follow suit.  Don’t feel pressured to come out swinging. Leaving a few likes or a few comments on someone else’s post will serve you well. 

Keep them talking

The whole point of LinkedIn groups for law firms is to network. That’s why you want to encourage conversation at every turn. It’s not a place for blatant self-promotion and to never discuss things with your fellow legal professionals. Listen to what people are saying and respond thoughtfully in turn. It’s the foundation of all networking. 

Pretend you’re on the clock

Even though LinkedIn is a social networking site, it is a place for professionals. Keep your more personal rants to Facebook or Twitter and stay strictly on topic on LinkedIn. If you wouldn’t say something to a client or colleague, it’s best not to say it in the group either. 

Beware of links

LinkedIn takes a pretty firm stance against linking (ironic, huh?) If you ever post a URL that links to a website that tries to sell a product or service, you’re going to be whacked with the ban hammer. Those links will be removed and reported for spam, and you could find yourself kicked out of the group. 

conversation on linkedin

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