Behind The Basics: LinkedIn Marketing Tips For Law Firms

Social networks are so versatile. There are endless possibilities to connect with different audiences, reach new clients, network with legal leaders and experts, and if you want to entertain a classic social media notion, watch funny cat videos. Yes you can do it on LinkedIn too… 

LinkedIn may have a marginally narrower focus than some other platforms with its mainly professional scope, but being the go to platform in the professional social media market makes for unlimited potential. LinkedIn’s growth in the last 2 years has seen it eclipse over 50 million new users in 2021, with over 700 million users in total. 

People are selling, buying, and doing just about everything in between on social media now. If you aren’t exploring LinkedIn to its fullest you won’t be unlocking the best of your law firm’s digital presence. Here’s a look at some of the best tips you can utilise to establish your law firm’s presence, and how you can get results on LinkedIn.

Post the same content across your business and personal pages

LinkedIn as a concept was made for self promotion, business, and networking. Don’t be afraid to use LinkedIn for what it was designed for. Posting the same content on your firm’s business page and your own personal page shouldn’t be discouraged. You’ll likely have different networks between your personal and business pages, exposing your content to an expanded audience. 

LinkedIn Content

Growing a personal page will also be much easier if you’re sharing consistent content from your firm’s page too. If you’re looking at establishing yourself as an expert or thought leader this is a must. You create your own ideas and content for your personal page, and you share or comment on other ideas from other experts. Why not share your legal firm too?

Take advantage of LinkedIn groups

If you’re not aware of what LinkedIn groups are, they’re basically a big private group of people within your profession. Joining a LinkedIn group is sort of like attending a networking event, except no one can see you, so everyone wears their pyjamas. A LinkedIn group is a sort of formal, yet informal assembly of professionals you can network with to gain insights and advice, ask questions, or test new ideas. 

For the most part the best groups are for VIPs only, by which I mean you need to be invited. Reach out to any colleagues in the legal sector who you can see are in any LinkedIn groups, or have a search in the search bar. There will be plenty of area or expertise specific LinkedIn groups that you can join. You could even start a group of your own, not many better ways to prove your expertise, than by moderating a group with experts. 

Networking in these groups might not necessarily grow your client base, but it will provide you with great insight for any strategy ideas you may have, or grow your audience, reputation, and credibility. All crucial factors for your lead generation machine!

Give your law firm a face on LinkedIn

When researching or buying legal services people want to see trust. One of the best ways to demonstrate trust on your firm’s LinkedIn page is with the people that work there. Encourage as many of your employees as possible to create and utilise their LinkedIn profile. It’s important these profiles are complete too, and not half complete with missing information. This might not give a potential client the trustworthy impression you’re trying to give off. Professional photos, relevant job descriptions/history, and recent posts or accolades will go a long way to demonstrating your law firm is credible.


Make your page matter

Stumbling across an inactive social media page for a law firm, or indeed any business can be seen as a big red flag to certain audiences. Make sure your page on LinkedIn is constantly updated, with the correct imagery, colours, and content to be consistent with the rest of your website/brand. Creating a page, and then failing to maintain it, is almost worse than not having one at all!

Ultra focused targeting

If you’re using LinkedIn to sell your legal services, you can be ultra specific with your audience targeting. Accessing your exact audience and bypassing everyone else will give you the best ROI. LinkedIn is almost unparalleled in terms of it’s targeting. You can choose a specific location, an exact industry, an exact company size within that industry, and then target only specific job roles from those companies in that industry. 

Bypassing all those filters isn’t as easy on other social media platforms, but on LinkedIn you can access only those who really matter to you. LinkedIn also has well oiled matched audiences, meaning you can also re-target visitors that are already in your sales funnel. 


There is also ultra focused targeting if you’re just looking for someone via the search feature! If you open up all the filters you’ll see that you can select from; location, past & current companies, industries, languages, job titles, amongst a whole lot more. If you want to find someone who is bilingual, has previously worked for IBM, lives in Germany, and has experience with web design, you can do that, for free. 

Use InMail

If you really want to up your LinkedIn game you can look at InMail. Admittedly, InMail is a premium feature, so this is not going to apply to everyone. However, being able to directly contact any person on LinkedIn might be invaluable for you. According to LinkedIn InMail response rates on cold emails are three times that of a regular email. There is built in analytics, templates, and lots more to help you refine your messaging, and track your success. LinkedIn premium will give you access to between 5-50 free InMail messages a month, depending on your subscription package. 

Final Thoughts

The world might feel a whole lot smaller with the advent of technology, digital networking, and social media, but I assure you it’s not. There is so much more potential to your digital profile that you can unlock, opening doors to new audiences, networking opportunities, leads and sales, friends and foes. LinkedIn is a free tool, and so many of its features are free, but you can explore premium if you feel it’s worth it too. Master the basics, make inroads, connect, and start becoming an expert! 

If you want to learn anymore about LinkedIn or your digital marketing strategy please contact us here for a free consultation. 

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