Object to Dire Designs: How to Create Distinctive Logos for Law Firms

The legal market is a cut-throat world of razor-sharp smart professionals that are serious about what they do. It’s no surprise that their law firm’s logos reflect this. These logos are all shades of ultra-executive navy or black with little variation. Throw in a gavel or some scales, and you’re got 99% of typical logos for law firms. 

And to that, we object! Blending into the crowd and copying the competition are cardinal sins as far as we’re concerned. Your logo should reflect both your firm’s unique selling proposition, culture and values. Settling for a blue-toned logo with dull imagery undersells your firm and makes you indistinguishable from the next law firm. It’s not exactly the first impression you want to make on prospective clients. 

Typical logos for law firms
Typical logos for law firms examples from 99designs.co.uk

Why is blue used so often in logos for law firms?

It’s understandable why gavels and scales are used so much throughout logos for law firms. They’re instantly recognisable (if overused) symbols that the average layman associates with law. We won’t disparage these duller logo’s too much. It’s understandable that a comfortable, in-the-box design would provide reassurance. But what’s with all the blue? 

By using colour psychology (and a little biology), we can understand why black and navy are so popular with logos for law firms. Colour is made up of all the light we can’t see, which leaves us to look at whatever’s left. These remaining bits of light stimulate our cone cells in the back of our retinas. Then, finally, we can see the colour! 

There are three types of these cone cells and they each react to different ranges of light:

Blue – short wavelengths

Green – medium wavelengths

Red – long wavelengths

The red cone cells are the most sensitive to light, in the middle is green, and blue are the least sensitive. These different levels of sensitivity really impact how we see the world… And how we see logos.

As such, it makes a lot of sense that blue would be used prolifically throughout the legal market. Blue is closely connected to the sky and the ocean and evokes feelings of calm, peace, stability, harmony, trust, dignity, and tradition. Many law firms use blue in their logos to capitalise on the feelings of trust the colour provides. We feel such reassurance and calm when viewing the colour blue because the blue cone cells in the eye are the least sensitive to light. The short wavelengths that trigger the blue cone cells are sharply refracted by the eyes which causes the lens to flatten and to push the image back, resulting in blue areas appearing to recede. This might explain why we perceive blue as being a calming colour!

How to create a unique logo for law firms

Behind every great logo, there’s a great law firm with robust values and a strong culture. You want to make sure your logo is reflecting all the things that make your law firm great. From typeface to colour choice, all these decisions carry associations that prospective clients will see and take with them when deciding on what law firm to use.

We’ve compiled some of our favourite unique logos that don’t rely on the typical blue, gavel, scales formula.

1. My Virtual Lawyer

My Virtual Lawyer logo

My Virtual Lawyer is a firm of (you guessed it) virtual lawyers. Their modern approach to law is a perfect fit for the post-pandemic landscape. Thanks to their online take, their clients’ money go towards 85% actual legal work, 10% communication with lawyers, 5% administrative tasks and 0% towards a fancy office. 

This modern, streamlined approach is reflected throughout their logo. The looping of their V and L reflects My Virtual Lawyer’s connected and cohesive approach to communication with their clients. The use of a rounded sans-serif typeface presents them as a friendly, approachable and modern firm. 

Finally, their use of the colour purple is very distinctive for a logo for law firms. The colour purple’s connotations have historic roots. The dye required to create purple was rare and incredibly expensive meaning only the wealthy and royalty could afford it. As such, we associate the colour with royalty and wealth whilst also associating it with artistic and creative endeavours. 

2. Tate Law 

Tate Law logo

Tate Law is a firm from Stanley Tate – a young, enthusiastic lawyer that breaks the typical, ultra-serious lawyer mould. Their tone of voice is straight-talking and fun. A heading asks, ‘am I good at what I do?’ And Tate answers, ‘Yes. I’m damn good at helping people solve their student loan problems.’ Their mission statement is to ‘ give honest, no b.s. student loan help to people who are tired of being jerked around.’ 

Their logo skillfully reflects this fun yet no-messing-around culture. With soft pastel in yellow, green, pink and purple, all these colours have a soft yet energetic feel. The simple geometric shapes in glyphs convey a playful vibe that’s also solution-oriented. All accompanied with a strong sans-serif font to show the modern and no-nonsense tone of the firm. 

3. Ben Crump Law

Ben Crump Law logo

Ben Crump Law shows us how a create a more traditional take on a logo for law firms without being cookie-cutter. The firm was established by renowned civil rights attorney Ben Crump with the abiding belief that justice equals respect. With such a noble and amazing history, Ben Crump Law needed to uphold its traditional and established feel without blending into the crowd.

This is the first use of a serif typeface on our list. Whilst our other firms were trying to convey their modern tone, Ben Crump Law uses their typeface to classily elevate their brand and show its distinguished history. The use of deep plum with a pale gold carries those associations of luxury, wealth, nobility, wisdom, and dignity. Lastly, its glyph of its founder’s initials ‘BC’ is continually bringing the history and reputation of its founder – Ben Crump – to the firm’s forefront. 

Ready to kick your law firm’s blue, gavel-laden logo to the curb? Contact us for a free consultation with one of our marketing experts to discover how we can help elevate your brand with our expertise.

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