My Trip To Unique Home: Day 1

I started Monday by being picked up and taken to the building for the new home. I was shown around the new site by the project manager who took the time to explain what every room would eventually be (they are even going to have a room purely for dance and music!). There is no doubt about it, the building is extremely impressive but it’s far off completion as it still has walls and interior fixtures missing such as kitchens and bathrooms or even windows at this point in time.

After this I went to the office just at the rear of the building to meet Bibi Ji, the person responsible for setting up Unique Home. She showed me lots of photo albums of the girls but was incredibly busy meeting and greeting guests so I didn’t get to spend too much time with her.

Meeting the Girls

In the afternoon we were taken to the current home to meet the girls and I was struck by just how much smaller it is compared to the new place, but it’s clean and has some safe outside space (this is really important because the home is situated right on the road and traffic in Jalandhar is extremely bad).

I was taken to the baby and toddler room where I was greeted by around 15 girls sharing 4 cots. They were very quiet until they came out of their cots and all started to play. All were absolutely adorable.

The older girls came in from school and wanted to show us their dance routine they were working on for the birthday celebrations. They pulled chairs out for us and we sat and watched the routines for a while before we went back to the hotel for the evening.
The first day at Unique Home was an eye opening experience and it’s certainly made me realise how important getting the new home completed is to the staff, volunteers and especially the girls.

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