My Trip To Unique Home: Day 3

Day three was the girl’s annual birthday event and I started the day being dropped off at the current home which was great because I got to see all the girls on the morning of their birthday. They were waving balloons about and I helped to tape the balloons to the outside of the home. I wasn’t there for very long as I was quickly summoned to the new home to be with other guests who had come from Canada and America.

Bibi’s second in command drove me to the new home and as soon as you turned in it was amazing, like arriving at a festival with 2 gargantuan marquees that covered most of the outside space. The stage was set complete with a backdrop of photos of Bibi, the kids and past visitors.

I got to chat with one of the trustees in great depth (although she didn’t want to be filmed) and she had some very interesting points. I asked her if a boy had ever been dropped into the cradle and she said that had never happened and was very unlikely to. She explained that unwanted baby boys born in a hospital will be adopted straight away, because many doctors will know a family desperate for a son.

She also went on to discuss the population crisis in India, and that many who have multiple children believe that God will look after them if they are unable to. She was a very forward thinking woman who stressed that the practicalities of a large family cannot be taken care of by god and that this thought is much of the battle India faces.

Just before the event started, we were asked to go with a driver to our hotel and greet the chief guest Gurmeet Gurrati (she’s raised an awful lot of money for Unique Home). We did this and then were driven back to site where we were all treated like royalty; doors were opened for us and we had to pose for photos before being led to huge chairs right at the front of the stage.
After watching the girls perform, I was called to the stage to deliver a short speech on behalf of UK Friends of Unique Home. It was a pretty nerve-wracking experience and there were around 3,000 people in the audience but I managed to get the words out (just about!)

A couple more speeches then it was time for the cake. Two huge cakes were brought onto the stage and we were asked to join the girls, staff, volunteers and trustees on stage to cut them. It was an incredible experience as the atmosphere was like nothing else with live music on stage, whistles being blown and everyone jumping around. I finished off the evening with some cake, a load of footage from the day and some unforgettable memories of the girls.

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