Why you need to spend less time creating content and more time promoting it!


Did you know that 90% of blog posts receive fewer than 10 unique viewers. I just made that up. I’ve no idea if it’s true, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was! I’m always amazed and frankly depressed when I look at the blog section in analytics on a new website that we’re working with, at just how little exposure they tend to receive. Of course you’ll always get some exceptions; those blog posts that tap into some obscure long tail traffic but it’s traffic that’s almost worthless.

We see exactly the same problem on social media, so we’ll look at a Facebook business page, for example, and there’s all this great content, but the engagement is almost negligible. Now I think that the reason for this is when we look at the creation of content we view it very differently to the promotion of content. We tend to view the content creation as something that we’ve already committed to, but the promotion of content is viewed as an optional extra, but I just want to illustrate how crazy that mentality is with some numbers…

Let’s imagine that it takes you 5 hours to create a blog post, including the research, creation and chopping up and scheduling for social. Now 5 hours is not a long time in fact it should probably be a lot more than that! And now let’s imagine that you value your time at £70 an hour, which again is not terribly high. Now on that basis you have invested £350 in that piece of content and it’s going to be seen across the blog and social by just 20 or 30 people. OR, we could spend an extra fiver on promotion and have it seen by thousands of people, and if it does really well then spend another fiver or tenner. These are not big numbers but we’re so obsessed with keeping these promotional costs to an absolute minimum that we’d rather spend nothing at all. Well that mentality needs to change.

See you next time!

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