The New Twitter Layout: Great or Grim?

Twitter started testing its radical new profile layout in March, and has been a (much avoided) option for all Twitter users since April 22nd.

For those clinging on to the old layout tooth and nail, we’ve got some grave news for you: Twitter is making the new layout mandatory on May 28th, aka Twudgement Day.

Here’s our Cut Out and Keep guide on what to expect from your new profile:

1.       It’s MASSIVE

The cover photo, formerly a polite little box, is now a behemoth that covers the top of your screen. Rather like the Facebook cover photo. But bigger. Font sizes have also grown huge.

2.       It’s great for self-promotion

You can now “pin” your best tweet to the top of your profile (rather like Facebook), which means your best work can always be seen first- fantastic for growing the old personal brand™!

3.       Following people is Quite A Big Deal now

Following someone on Twitter used to be a blasé act. Now it’s a huge decision, as everyone will now see who you have followed and when you followed them as a little post on your timeline. Bit like Facebook, that.

4.       Twitter’s Left Leaning 

To the left, to the left, a picture of your face in a box to the left! One of the most notable visual differences in the new Twitter profile is the fact that everything has shifted left side now. Little bit like Facebook, you might say…

5.       It’s Facebook Now.


Many are moaning about it now, but like every social media layout change, we moan, we grumble, and then we get used to it. It’s the circle of social media life.

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