New UK Googleplex – the “Ground Scraper”

Google have revealed plans for a massive new HQ in London, near Kings Cross. At 330 metres, it’s longer than Europe’s tallest skyscraper, the shard, leading to it being nicknamed “The Ground Scraper”.

Designers explained that the steel, timber and iron design would be in recognition of the areas proud industrial history, but needless to say that there is nothing dated about the facilities. As you would expect from Google, the designs are primarily based on maximising employee satisfaction, with plans for a rooftop racetrack (obviously), multi-story climbing wall, swimming pool and Muga. Don’t worry, I didn’t know what one of these was either but I’ve just Googled and apparently it stands for a Multi Use Games Area. I’m assuming the communal ping pong table outside our office block probably doesn’t qualify.

5000 lucky nerds, many of whom will be Noodlers (New Googlers), will reside in this giant playhouse, and it’s expected that their presence will draw hundreds of others from the industry into the area as tech start-ups try to get close to the action.

The headquarters, which will be the largest Google office in the world after the original Californian Googleplex, plans to open its doors (assuming they decide to even use such a boring and archaic contraption) in 2016, and is expected to be the shiny centerpiece of the new Kings Cross regeneration scheme.


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