This Is Not A Drill: 5 Free Tools To Help Your Nonprofit Nail Digital Marketing

Whether you are raising awareness, driving donations or inspiring volunteers to help your nonprofit, in today’s digital age, to truly succeed you must embrace digital marketing. Often faced with a limited marketing budget, the thought of investing in something you know little to nothing about can be a frightening prospect. But fear not: if you are looking to kickstart your digital marketing, here are five free and easy-to-use tools that will get you headed in the right direction. 

Canva Pro

Looking to transform your social media posts or send your emails to the next level with creative graphics? Look no further. If you are a registered nonprofit, Canva will allow you free access to their premium design tools and templates. Whether it’s a presentation, logo, poster or infographic, with access to thousands of fonts, images and templates, Canva gives you everything you need to create marketing campaign materials that really make an impact. To find out more about Canva Pro for your organisation, visit their nonprofits page here.

Social media nonprofits Amnesty International

Amnesty International use Canva to create impactful social posts


LiveChat offers you the capability to respond to your site’s visitors in real-time, offering a simple yet effect way to connect with your audience. The tool also allows you to set automated replies to frequently asked questions using the ChatBot feature, providing an instant response to those who need it and freeing up more time for your team to focus on the things that matter. Whether you are answering questions, accepting donations, asking for feedback or simply looking to reach out to your audience, LiveChat gives you the capability to build powerful relationships while keeping customer service costs to a minimum. To find out more about LiveChat’s free plan for nonprofits, check out their site here.


While in-person events may seem like nothing more than a distant memory, things are looking up for 2021. With the government’s latest announcement sparking hope of normality in the coming months, many organisations have begun planning in-person events once again. If you’re looking for help managing every aspect of your fundraising event – from registration and ticket sales to promotion and helpful resources – Eventbrite is the tool for you. To find out more about how Eventbrite can help your nonprofit master fundraising events, check out their nonprofit help page here.

Fundraising event tools - Eventbrite

Google Analytics

If you want to understand what’s happening on your website and evaluate just how successful your digital marketing strategy is, Google Analytics is the tool for you. From identifying key landing pages and traffic sources to monitoring conversions, Google Analytics will provide you everything you need to measure ROI, optimise donations and inform your strategic decision making. If you’re looking to get started with Google Analytics, you will find everything you need to know on Google’s help page here.

YouTube Nonprofit Program

Video is a powerful tool that enables you to share your story in an engaging and memorable way. Whether you are looking to drive donations, raise awareness, educate people about your cause or create more meaningful relationships with your target audience, a video can do it all. With free access to educational resources, creator studios, fundraising features and link anywhere cards, YouTube gives nonprofits the power to create, edit and share impactful videos to global audiences. To find out more about YouTube’s Nonprofit Program, head to their information page here.

And it doesn’t end here. There are lots more free and discounted tools and resources available (such as Google Ads Grants) for nonprofits, so it’s certainly worth doing some research of your own before you to decide to commit to any paid plans. If you are looking for more helpful digital marketing advice for your nonprofit, why not check out our latest ultimate guide here or take a look at our services page for nonprofits here to see how we can help your organisation.


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