Offline marketing ideas for gyms that’ll beef up your brand


Not familiar with offline marketing? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most UK businesses are fixated on the benefits of digital; this means they rely on organic SEO, email marketing, and social media to win new customers.

This is good news for your brand. Because you can target prospects using methods they won’t be expecting – using the art of surprise to capture your audience’s attention. attention.

Tap into your local community

Yes, your gym is fixed in a geographic location. But right now your customers are elsewhere – attending sports day at their kids’ school or going for a run in the park.

Tapping into your local community will boost your brand profile and help you develop strong cultural roots with people living in your area.

Remember, this isn’t about selling. Your offline marketing strategy will only work if you form genuine relationships with the people you meet.

offline marketing ideas

Offline marketing ideas that fly

In this digitally driven world, it’s easy to forget the power of the humble flyer. And yet this tried-and-tested marketing method is extremely effective.

The trick is to focus on a specific service. Otherwise, your pamphlet will visually confuse your customer who’ll lose interest and throw it in the bin.

Is your flyer advertising…

  • Free consultations?
  • A gym open day?
  • Spin classes?

Then stick to that topic and don’t deviate.

Your premises are part of your brand

Which means everything – from your colour scheme through to in-gym signage – should reflect and reinforce your values.

Here’s an example of offline marketing copy that’s on brand and bound to raise a smile – brought to you courtesy of the gym group.

funny gym sign

Try your hand at co-marketing

Not the competition of course (boo, hiss)! But brands that complement your service offering instead. Are there local osteopaths, injury rehabilitation clinics, or massage therapists in your area? If so, why not make an approach?

This form of offline marketing needn’t be complex. Ask if you can leave your business cards or pamphlets at their premises. In exchange, you could do the same for them. These two-way relationships can be very lucrative.


  • Builds trust when you partner with local trusted brands
  • Costs next to nothing but can yield great results
  • Strengthens your brand’s community ties

Need a helping hand with your offline marketing?

Offline or online we’ll help you blow the competition out of the water. Fancy a chat? Then book your free consultation.

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