One of the greatest examples of content marketing, and it’s over 120 years old


As digital marketers we have a dickish tendency to hijack methods that have been used forever and pass them off as inventions of the digital era. This is particularly true with content marketing. We talk about quality content as if it didn’t exist before social media. As if prior to the last 10 years marketers just depended on nothing but promos and special offers. Obviously that’s not true. Content has always been at the heart of great marketing. The only things that have changed are the channels through which we communicate it.

For evidence of this then we need look no further than John Deere and his magazine The Furrow, first published in 1895. The Furrow was packed full of educational content in order to offer extra value, position his brand as the experts and nurture the relationships towards becoming loyal customers. Sounds an awful like a content strategy in 2018 doesn’t it, only I would argue a hell of a lot more sophisticated than 90% of content strategies that the digital world produces.

In fact it is an online content strategy now, with its own online magazine, email list and literally millions of engaged followers on social media.

The perfect example that demonstrates if you get the brand and content right for the audience, the channels will take care of themselves.

See you next time.

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