Personalised marketing – why it’s important for accounting firms and how to master it


Digital marketing has transformed how businesses interact with customers – to such a degree it’s nigh on impossible to get heard. 71% of companies have a website. Almost all are on social media. And just as many use email outreach. That’s why personalised marketing matters. 

If your accountancy firm is serious about converting curious clients into brand evangelists the following makes for essential reading.

What is meant by personalised marketing?

Customers want to feel valued. Yet buying journeys rarely invoke this high. Instead they serve up the same experience to all. Personalised marketing overcomes this barrier to buying – individualising the user experience to build rapport and deliver an experience that delights.

From a name scrawled in black ink on a coffee cup – through to intelligent ecommerce sites that use browsing history to recommend products their customers want – personalised marketing is extremely effective.

Tailoring content involves collecting data derived from:

  • Emails your customers have opened – which topics are they interested in?
  • Products or services they’ve historically purchased
  • Interactions on your social channels
  • Cookies on your company website 

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Why is 121 marketing so important?

Your firm is competing against 41,480 or so rivals. So you should seek every competitive advantage possible to improve customer interactions and win audience trust

Overall, personalised marketing…

Saves customers time and effort

Because the experience has been tailored to their needs, there’s  less information to wade through. This reduces the number of choices , removing friction from the process.

Creates a sense of brand loyalty

Tailored messaging creates a sense of exclusivity. It also shows you care enough to curate content to your customers’ needs – rather than using a generic approach that’s (a) frankly dull and (b) far less effective.

Prevents customer overload 

How many services do you offer? Accounts, tax returns, VAT returns and bookkeeping are a few likely candidates. But why should customers have to wade through this list to find what they need?

Imagine rewarding a prospect with a curated feed that showed them what they really wanted. The chances of them signing – or at the very least enquiring – would increase tenfold.

Prospects are more likely to buy

And by more likely we’re talking about a 34% increase. Customers are also more likely to remain loyal to brands that use personalised marketing as part of their digital outreach.

tailored customer experience

Three examples of personalised marketing you can implement immediately 

Here are some steps you can take to deliver even better experiences and increase conversions.

#1 Create customised service recommendations

Website personalisation is an important part of 121 marketing. By taking note of visitors’ search behaviour on your site you can tailor feeds to suit individual needs – shortening the buying journey.

Finding the right tools to do this is important.  You may need to outsource this process if your in-house marketing knowhow is limited or non-existent.

#2 Personalised email subject lines and body content

Disclaimer: inserting a customer’s name into the subject line of an email won’t bowl them over. But when used as part of a carefully-planned content strategy that recognises and addresses their problem this approach can be highly effective.

#3 Welcome back messages on your website

A welcome message is a great way to recognise returning customers. True, you might now know their names – but you can still make them feel valued.

Welcome messages must:

  • Feel on brand – so greet how you speak and in line with your values
  • Use imagery – this will capture attention and tell a story
  • Incentivise – by offering a free tax review or discount

These guidelines aren’t exclusive to website visits. They also apply to thank you notes when visitors subscribe to your email list or when a customer completes an online payment.

Need help with your personalised marketing strategy?

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