Podcast Benefits For Law Firms – Kill 5 Birds With 1 Stone

It seems like everyone is listening to podcasts nowadays. Looking at this data from Statista it shows that in the UK in 2021 over 19.1 million adults listened to a podcast on a weekly basis. That number in 2016 was 8.9 million, showing a growth of 114%, and in 2026 is projected to be 28.1 million. It’s safe to say podcasts aren’t going anywhere. Their popularity is only going to grow with smartphones and smart devices becoming more and more integrated into our day to day lives. What exactly then, are the benefits of podcasting for law firms?

A vast majority of podcasts aren’t business orientated. There’s already a gap growing between podcasts in the consumer space and the B2B space. That’s not to say podcasting hasn’t seen a rise in the B2B space. It has, but there are some sectors that are being left behind. The legal sector is one such market. Legal podcasts do exist and there are some excellent case studies, but on the whole, there is generally a pretty big creative gulf, especially in the middle of the market. 

So the big question really, is what exactly is it about podcasts that can bring you closer to your audience and boost your sales. 

Podcast Benefits For Law Firms

1) Brand Awareness

Being up to date with current trends is an absolute must. For your brand to be at the forefront of your audience’s mind it has to at a minimum be aware of those trends, and arguably has to be participating in them to some degree. The digital market is incredibly saturated in any industry, so starting a podcast is an opportunity to stretch your brand awareness by accessing a brand new audience and displaying a level of expertise. 

Brand Awareness

2) Building Credibility

Following on from the previous point, credibility is essential to any consumer, especially when buying a service. It’s much more difficult to display any tangible benefits of your service, because, well you offer a service, not a product. If you sell a new smartphone you can see the product and its benefits. To replicate that selling a service, you have to prove you are what you say you are, you know what you say you know, and you can do what you say you can do. Ergo, credibility. Podcasts give you the opportunity to choose certain topics that you’re extremely knowledgeable about to share and grow. They’re a way to display to listeners that you’re trustworthy.

3) Value & ROI

Podcasts are not overly difficult to set up. There isn’t much investment required, and from a behind the scenes perspective there are plenty of free/cheap tools and software that can help with technically setting up a podcast. Fundamentally you need a good microphone, some headphones, and a few pieces of editing/podcasting software. 

Once complete however, a podcast can satisfy so many channels that its ROI is impressive. You have a podcast, yes, but you also have snippets, quotes, transcriptions, networking opportunities etc. Uploading a podcast on Spotify whilst simultaneously having the same repurposed content on your LinkedIn, your email marketing campaign, and your website kills multiple birds with 1 stone. The cost and time to produce new content for those other channels is reduced, and your reach is dramatically improved.

4) Authentic Connections 

A podcast is a way to establish authentic connections. It’s far easier to connect with someone when you meet an authentic version of that person, and having personable content like a podcast is a lot more relatable than most other channels. Podcasts are unscripted (minus prompts and questions), and offer an insight into the way you think and talk. 

Podcasts are also a great way to get your foot in the door and create new connections. Let’s say you’re looking for a few guest appearances from experts or thought leaders in your sector. Generally experts love to boost their profile and share their knowledge with a new audience, so podcasting can be a great way to get an authentic introduction to these people and grow your network. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

5) An Engaged Audience

A podcast audience is an open book. They’re there to listen. Unlike someone who might stumble across a presentation of yours on a stage at a conference, podcasts listeners are generally there because they mean to be there. There’s a vested interest in either the topic, the participants, or an opinion that you have something to offer. An engaged listener is incredibly valuable. Capture a captive audience!

Audience Engagement

6) Generate Results

Whether you’re looking for hard or soft sells, podcasts can generate results. It might be generating a new lead or encouraging a visitor to download your new e-book. Results are fundamentally what keep your business alive. While some channels might not be actively seeking sales, and may be more informational, leads and sales are still operationally critical, even if a side bonus. Podcasts can deliver results! 

Final Thoughts 

Whether aimed at other solicitors, old clients or new clients, podcasts have a place in your content arsenal. Breaking through the noise is tricky in the digital space. Ensure you have some set goals and research a topic about which your audience is looking for some insight. And finally, remember to repurpose your content. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Kill 3, 4, 5 birds if you can, utilise every channel!

If you need some more support on your legal podcast, or are looking to speak about your digital strategy, contact us here for a free consultation.

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