Red Light Marketing – Proven to get you traffic

Red Light Marketing – Proven to get you traffic

Are you struggling to bring people to your site? Is your engagement low? Are your google analytics results the stuff of nightmares?

Here at Boss Digital, we understand that successful marketing is all about visibility. So this April 1st, we’re launching our new ‘red light’ plan – proven to get you traffic. Our specially designed program, which has been in development for months, is available in three foolishly good packages:

Rush Hour

Designed to bring as many people to your site as possible in a short time period, this special marketing algorithm condenses all your daily traffic into a one-hour time period between 8-9am or 5-6pm for maximum exposure.


What use is getting people to your site unless you can keep them there? Improve your bounce rate with our exclusive line of code which traps visitors to your site on specific pages for unspecified lengths of time.


Good websites have a streamlined navigation map to help visitors move easily between different pages. Great websites employ our new tailback feature, which redirects visitors back to the original landing page they arrived on for an extra click-through boost.

Want to find out more about what our red light marketing schemes can do for you? Contact us at

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