Search Favours the Active – Only 75% of Fortune 500 Companies are Using Popular Social Sites

I just read a great article this morning about Fortune 500 companies and to what extent they implement the same practices that we all do, to promote a great website and ultimately, great SEO.

You’d think it would be a simple matter of course that some of the biggest companies on this planet, would have the necessary expertise and marketing plans, for their social media outlets. But, whilst LinkedIn interestingly isn’t mentioned in the infographic (they must all be on that, right?), it would seem that 23% of Fortune 500 companies, don’t even have a presence on the most used social platform amongst Fortune 500 companies, Twitter.

Now every search marketeer worth their salt, knows how to explain to a client, reluctant on the idea of social media, the importance it can place on his/her website. Even if your business is the manufacturing of plastic moulds, industrial adhesives or something else that innately you would consider to be the furthest thing away from requiring or wanting an active social media following; you should still be doing it!

Not only do such industries present the challenge of you being more creative to engage a social media audience, but there is still the benefit of Google recognising an active social media brand and thusly favouring them with regards to SEO.

Maybe the Fortune 500 companies in this report haven’t been informed of the importance of a well rounded, social media marketing plan? So to them I say, engage with your audience, let them know you are there and that you care. Even if that just means a few updates a day, a business that diversifies its digital marketing channels will always come out on top.

I would guess that some of those Fortune 500 companies have decided that they need not worry. Well heed my advice and instead, follow the trend of the 75% who do!

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