From Self-Driving Cars to Hoverboards – The Amazing World of Google X

As a digital marketing company, we are just a little bit obsessed with Google. We’ve watched the company grow from two guys in a garage to getting an entry in the Oxford dictionary. With its influence, money and ability to hire the best designers, engineers and thinkers in the world, Google is giving back to the world (alongside assuring tonnes more money) through its Google X laboratory.

Based half a mile down the road from Google’s head offices in Mountain View, California, Google X is headed by the scientist Astro Teller, whose official job title is “Captain of Moonshots”. The lab is very secretive, with its employees encouraged to “shoot for the moon” when coming up with ideas for new products.

Many of Google’s recent and most outlandish products have emerged from Google X (including Glass and the Google car), and with recent research in medicine, Google X is primed to make a huge impact on the world.

Google X also has a unique approach to its output: scientists identify a major world problem (usually connected to communication, transport and health), brainstorm solutions (they are encouraged to look to science fiction for their answers), test whether their idea would actually work, and then start to build prototypes.

This infographic lists everything to come out of the media-shy labs, including some of the projects which never got to the prototype stage.


Google X Infographic

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