Selfless Selfies or Just a Reason to Pose?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have noticed your Facebook feed has been flooded with photos of bare faced ladies, all shouting from the rooftops that they are going make up free for Cancer Research. It’s the latest selfie phenomenon, but this time it has a heart (unlike the wave of funeral selfies).

Whilst this seemingly selfless act sees women who would often not be caught at the local shop without their slap on, never mind caught on camera for all to see releasing themselves from the shackles of cosmetics, this craze has been met with a smidge of cynicism.

The Cynical Take on Make Up Free Selfies

They may be make up free, but they are certainly not photos taken after rolling out of bed in the morning. Celebrities jumping on the band wagon can be seen with curled eyelashes, immaculate eyebrows, blow dried hair and a rosy glow achieved by more than a touch of fake tan. Ahh yes, the Instagram filters have really come into their own here. Does that defeat the object? For many, these images are taken after much preparation and showcase the very best side of their “natural” self. Questions were promptly raised about how this was actually contributing to the fight against cancer.

The Truth About Make Up Free Selfies

Whether they are uploaded with filters or after the careful application of lashings of fake tan, the undeniable truth is that this latest selfie craze has raised £2 million in 48 hours. Cancer Research UK has reported receiving more than 800,000 text donations in the 24 hours that followed after the charity shared the text code for donating on its Facebook and Twitter pages. A text message receipt is now a standard add on to these images, with women proving everywhere that this is all for a good cause and not simply to inflate their ego via a flurry of “you’re so naturally beautiful” style comments. Although perhaps there is a touch of that for good measure.

Whatever your thoughts on the make up free selfie craze, it’s one trend that has captured the nation and driven donations to record highs.

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