Sell it with a smile: funny marketing works – but only if you follow these steps

Selling is a serious business. But your marketing needn’t be. Heavy, downbeat messaging will only put your customers in the doldrums – a negative mindset that’ll adversely affect their thirst to buy. 

Funny marketing works. But only if you know how and when to use it. Make a customer laugh and one thing’s for sure: they’ll remember you – and that’s half the battle.

man using humour to sell a brand

It all starts with research

Everyone’s sense of humour is different. That’s why your ‘zany’ campaigns should be built upon a bedrock of solid data that suggests your customers like the occasional chuckle.

As for what tickles their funny bones, that’s a different matter altogether. But funny marketing works only if you take time out to understand your audience.

Now it’s time to experiment

Having analysed your audience to pieces it’s time to start firing content into the digital ether too see how they respond. This stage of the process is about finding your voice – so be prepared to fail and willing to learn from your inevitable mistakes.

How many people:

  • Saw your content
  • Interacted with it?
  • Responded directly?

Note: funny marketing works over time but it’s unlikely your content will tick all of the boxes the first time around. Instead it’s a case of rinse-and-repeat until you find an effective formula.

brand personality

Remember to be authentic 

Funny marketing isn’t necessarily about being zany. Quite the opposite: humour can be dry, sly, smart and so much more. It’s multi-faceted.

Remember that brand persona you created? Everything should stem from that if want to create experiences customers will smile rather than grimace at.

Why are you doing this?

Waking up one morning and deciding to indulge in some wacky marketing because the wind is blowing from a north-easterly direction is no good reason at all.

Funny marketing works only if it’s driven by an imperative such as the need to:

  • Take your  brand in a different direction
  • Experiment with content on a new platform
  • Launch a campaign that’s driven be humour

So before investing time and money in witty messaging make sure you have a valid reason.

team using questions to building a funny marketing campaign

Any platform is fair game

Funny marketing works on any digital platform – provided it’s justifiable, authentic, and backed up by solid numbers that demonstrably prove your audience has a sense of humour.

And if you’re going to indulge in some jesty messaging make sure your campaigns are joined up across all platforms. That way your brand will come across as consistent.

You can’t be funny all the time

Attempt to play the perennial jester and your prospects will become jaded – but more likely irritated – by your repeated attempts to make them laugh. 

You’ll also be taking your eye off of the metaphorical ball. Because, ultimately, your job is to sell a product or service.

So use humour sparingly if you want to be taken seriously and win the hearts and minds of your customers.

We know how to make funny marketing work – so drop us a line to learn more

We’re not quite up to the standards of Michael Macintyre or Billy Connolly but we can craft messages designed to make people smile – and sometimes even chuckle. Book your free consultation to learn more.

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