Siobhan back on BBC Breakfast

This time last year James and I visited Random House publishing to discuss launching a 2013 baby names book. The deal went ahead and the book is now the number 1 baby names book in the UK.

Following the launch, Siobhan (my big sister and James’ senior editor) appeared on the BBC at Christmas to discuss the royal baby, and today it was Wayne Rooney’s latest offspring, Klay, that sparked a follow up appearance. You can see the clip here.

I know it’s not a typical news update but this is just about the perfect example of turning a non-entity of a brand into the market leader, and all the opportunities that can bring both online and off. James has done an amazing job with the baby names site and by seizing every PR opportunity that’s come their way they’ve ensured Google now gives the site the respect (and rankings!) it deserves.

And great work Siobhan. Despite a small amount of “Holt nervous nostril flaring” (her words, not mine) early on, she spoke brilliantly. And there was some definite chemistry there with Bill!


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