Social Media Marketing For Lawyers: 3 London Law Firms To Inspire You In 2022

The UK legal market is highly competitive, and London-based law firms arguably have the toughest gig of all. Home to thousands of law firms, London is the epicentre of the UK’s legal market and houses some of the biggest players in the world, including Clifford Chance, Allen & Overy and Linklaters. With that being said, it will come as no surprise that to remain profitable and keep their firms open for business, many London-based lawyers have to go above and beyond to attract new clients and make a name for themselves within the legal market. 

One – what used to be unconventional but is quickly becoming the norm – method used by London law firms to raise awareness, drive leads and build authority within the UK legal market is social media marketing. But for some law firms, this may seem like an alien concept; something almost unfathomable. We’re here to show you otherwise. 

So, without further ado, here are three London law firms who show how to succeed on social media. 


Instagram. The home of the hashtag, the birthplace of the selfie and the mother ship of influencer marketing. It’s easy to see why many UK lawyers are averse to the idea of Instagram. But as many within the professional service industry are beginning to realise, it goes far beyond the beauty gurus and fitness fanatics that pioneered the platform – it is now a network for all. 

Irwin Mitchell

Proving exactly that, London law firm Irwin Mitchell now have a considerable following on the platform and have used their profile to showcase their company values and culture and connect with their audience on a more personal level. They make use of their brand colours and typeface throughout their posts to help boost brand awareness and create a more cohesive profile grid. And through the use of story highlights, they are able to highlight key topics and strengthen their message with the help of eye-catching, memorable visuals and encourage engagement and gather audience insights with the help of story features, such as polls. 

social media marketing for london law firms- instagram example


As a law firm, it’s highly likely that you will already have a LinkedIn profile for your business, after all, it is the number one networking site for professionals in the UK and across the globe. But of course, it’s one thing to have an account and another to know how to use it effectively. So here’s a London law firm to show you how to do just that.


With over 31,000 followers, London-based law firm Kennedys certainly know a thing or two about LinkedIn. Their content strikes the perfect balance between informative and entertaining. They use a range of formats – from blog links and on-brand graphics to photographs and videos – to enhance their communication and engage their audience. And above all, their profile is complete. Their ‘about’ section is brimming with helpful information (but not overwhelmingly so), they frequently update their job openings and they make full use of the ‘life’ tab. Their profile is perfectly optimised to attract not only new clients but employees, too. 

social media marketing for london law firms- linkedin example


Whilst a common dream has always been to ‘make it on the big screen’, these days, it’s all about the small screens. With over 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube is bursting with opportunities for law firms across the globe. This, coupled with the rise of video marketing, means if your UK law firm doesn’t yet have a channel, now is the time to dust off that director’s chair and press play on video marketing. 


The london-based law firm, Linklaters, shows that it’s not always about bringing in new clients. They use their YouTube channel as a means of attracting fresh talent to their firm by offering insights into their workplace, culture and values. They make their content more relatable and engaging by sharing the stories of their current employees and help ease candidates’ minds by sharing top tips and helpful advice regarding the interview process and what to expect when starting a new career. 

social media marketing for london law firms- youtube example

So there we have some of London’s most social law firms to show you that social media marketing isn’t just for the likes of gyms, coffee shops and cosmetics brands. If you’re looking for help creating a strategy that sells, get in touch today to organise your free consultation with one of our digital marketing consultants or head over to our dedicated social media marketing for law firms page to discover the services we can offer to take your firm to the next level. 


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