Double-tap That: 5 Social Media Platforms Every Recruitment Agency Needs To Use

As technology continues to advance and a younger workforce begins to take over, we are seeing lots of changes in the world of work; particularly when it comes to recruitment. With a recent survey from Glassdoor finding 79% of people now use social media in their job search, it’s time to step up your game – but which platforms are worth ‘swiping right’ for?  


It goes without saying that LinkedIn should be a fundamental tool in any recruitment process. Demonstrating just how powerful it is, a recent report has found that Linked in was used by more than 75% of people who have recently changed jobs – but what are the benefits for you? 

LinkedIn gives you the capability to view a candidate’s professional profile at the touch of a button – from qualifications, experience, skills, and even interests – giving you all the information you will need (and more) to find your perfect new recruit. Thanks to its rich data and millions of members, LinkedIn can produce an endless amount of high-quality leads; meaning employees sourced through the platform are 40% less likely to leave the company in the first 6 months

Along with allowing you to build relationships and promote job roles to active job seekers, LinkedIn also gives you the capability to connect with ‘passive job seekers’, allowing you to uncover those ‘hidden gems’ that would’ve otherwise gone unnoticed.  

With over 4.3 million followers, Hays knows how to use LinkedIn effectively. They post content which is valued by job seekers; from how to write an effective CV, to helpful tips to prepare for an interview. Along with this, They use questions and direct address throughout their posts to encourage engagement and increase leads. 


Top social media platforms for recruitment - Hays, LinkedIn


Hays also use the platform to celebrate the achievements of themselves and their employees, helping them to enhance their reputation and increase brand authority. Following the 80:20 rule, they focus 80% of their posts on informing and educating their audience and 20% on highlighting how their own achievements can add value to their potential clients.

No matter the content, Hays always ensure their posts shine through the overcrowded LinkedIn homepage by using a range of media – from videos to infographics – and eye-catching colours.  

Top tip: use hashtags to expand your reach and get your content seen by the most relevant people



Home to over 2 billion members, Facebook can massively boost your applicant traffic – not only in terms of volume, but diversity too. It also gives you a great platform to build your employer branding; giving you the opportunity to connect directly with job seekers, build relationships and create trust for your brand. 

Showing us how it’s done, Reed frequently update their Facebook page with branded content featuring their #lovemondays and brand colours, helping them to reinforce their brand image and enhance their credibility in the industry. Reed frequently uses their platform to post content which offers valuable advice to job seekers. They also encourage candidates to take the plunge and apply for their next role, promoting their own job listings in the process. No matter the post, Reed always ensures to close with a clear call to action – driving their audience to act whilst they have their attention – to strike whilst the iron is hot. 

Top social media platforms for recruitment - Reed, FB Top social media platforms for recruitment - Reed, FB



Twitter is the fastest paced social media platform, with the average tweet having a lifespan of just 18 minutes – but, don’t be fooled, this has its benefits. Because Twitter moves so quickly, there are constantly new opportunities; so make sure you make the most of it. You may wish to engage with certain hashtags and trending topics, or even start your own conversations – just make sure you think about what you’re posting and how it adds value to your recruitment process.  

Morgan Hunt is a recruitment agency that really knows how to start a conversation: opening their posts with a statement of what employment should feel like, followed by a question that engages the audience, making even the happiest of employees query whether their job is right for them. It’s clear they understand how to create new opportunities to sell themselves; which is what social media should be about. 

Top social media platforms for recruitment


The hashtag is one of Twitter’s defining features, giving you the opportunity to broaden your reach and get your content seen by relevant people despite whether they follow you or not. Whilst it may be tempting to add dozens of trending hashtags to every post, you need to make sure they are all #relevant, otherwise you risk coming across as ‘spammy’ (and no one likes a spam account). Bucks & Berks Recruitment demonstrates how to use hashtags effectively, using just a few appropriate ones (such as #job) to get their job openings seen by a larger – but still relevant – audience. 



Lastly, (but by no means least) we have Instagram. Like Twitter, Instagram is known for its hashtags, allowing you to get more exposure at no cost. Aside from this, one of the biggest benefits of Instagram is the ability to tell stories in an engaging way – in particular, the story of you. If you haven’t already checked out our post on the importance of employer branding in recruitment, you can find it here. 

Adecco uses Instagram to post valuable content for both job seekers and employers, including industry trends and insights, top tips and useful links. They make use of hashtags to broaden the reach of their content, and use their posts to link back to their own blog content.  

Top social media platforms for recruitment - Insta


Time to get posting

Now have the tools and inspiration to kick-start your social media journey, I’m sure you’re eager to get downloading and start posting. But before you do, just remember the content you post will reflect the candidates you attract. 


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