From Starter to Specialist: 5 Top Tips to Master Social Media for Law Firms

Social media isn’t the first thing you’d consider when starting up your own law firm. Social media for law firms is rarely considered by smaller firms. And yet, it’s the smaller firms that can benefit the most from a thriving social media presence. After all, social media isn’t just for brand awareness. It’s also amazing for lead generation and lead nurturing – all things that are essential for law firms that are just starting out.

It’s generally the big fish that have the budget and time to set aside for social media promotion. But what if social media didn’t have to cost an arm and a leg? What if you could create a thriving community around your law firm on a range of social platforms, all on your own? With our top tips for social media for law firms, you’ll go from social starter to super specialist. 

social networking for law firms

The benefits of social media for law firms

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of social media for law firms, it’s important to know why we’re doing all this work. 

Brand awareness

The most obvious benefit of social media for law firms is spreading brand awareness. People are spending more and more of their time online – both personally and professionally. By positioning yourself on social media, you put yourself in front of all these potential clients. Get your content in front of the right audience and you’re well on your way to spreading your brand to the far corners of the world. 

Lead generation

Clients are incredibly active on social media. They’re people too, after all. The statistics don’t like: 35% of lawyers who use social media professionally have been able to gain new clients as a result. Social media is an essential part of any marketing strategy and a powerful tool for lead generation. It’s a great way to share educational content, show off your firm’s values and display your company culture.

Lead nurturing 

You might not think B2B businesses have a place on social media. Surely it’s a place for B2C and average consumers, right? Wrong!  84% of C-level and VP-level buyers are influenced by social media. Just think of the number of potential clients looking around socials for their perfect law firm. Social media is a perfect place for lead nurturing. Especially if you’re creating valuable, educational content with lots of calls to action.

Becoming a thought leader

There’s a term that marketers love to throw around. Thought leadership. It’s a type of content marketing that positions you, and your firm, as the ultimate authority in your field or niche. By creating educational content in a format that your audience can easily understand, you’ll be sure to establish yourself at the top of the legal market.

Improving SEO

While your firm’s social media performance isn’t a direct ranking factor, there is definitely a correlation between improved social stats and your SEO standing. Google is always bringing in new features and recently has brought more dynamic results into search engine results, like live social feeds. It never hurts to stay ahead of Google and their mysterious ways (aka their algorithms.) Additionally, a strong social media following means increased traffic to your site and a boost to your visibility as a firm. 

5 top tips on social media for law firms

1. Choosing your channel

We’ve got TikToks and Youtubes a-plenty. We’ve got Pinterests and Twitters galore. You want LinkedIns? We’ve got twenty! Choosing the right channel to focus your social media efforts on is tricky. It’s all to do with your target audience and the type of content you’ll be sharing. Going after working professionals and want to uphold your uber-serious tone? LinkedIn is the place to be. Want to share long-form educational videos on common legal questions? Youtube all the way. Fancy showing off your company’s culture and values and showing you’re not just like every other law firm? Instagram’s the one for you. Be sure to focus on your audience and go where they already are.

2. Creating valuable content

Let’s face it. Nobody wants to consume boring content. It’s content-making 101, really. We’re always looking to be entertained. Even when we’re at work! Reading thick, dense legalese is something that even lawyers are loathed to do. Keeping content educational, consumable and valuable is essential. Make sure you’ve always got your target audience in mind when you’re making content. What does that group enjoy? What questions would they ask? What would they find interesting? Refer to your target audience research constantly. If you’re struggling, follow this golden rule: make sure your content is something you yourself would want to look at.

3. Calls to action

Every piece of content you create should be made with a clear goal in mind. You’re creating it to motivate your audience into doing something. So, what is it you want them to do? Visit your website? Contact you via a form? Make a consultation? Ask a question? Hit follow? Write a testimonial? These are just a few potential motivations you could encourage your audience to follow through on. Through your assets and accompanying copy, use calls to action to help your firm meet its goals.

4. Keeping up the conversation

A fantastic part of social media is the communities that build up around certain niches or brands. There’s something for everyone on the internet, and there’s definitely a community of people waiting to hear from your unique perspective. By creating a community around your content, you not only boost engagement and visibility but also create a strong sense of loyalty towards your brand.

5. Telling your firm’s story

No two firms are the same. So, when it comes to social media for law firms, these platforms are a great chance to express your brand and what you stand for. Your firm should be defined by its values and culture. A great example of a firm expressing its uniqueness on social media is Morgan & Morgan’s TikTok or DLA Piper’s Instagram. To see them in action, check out our blog post on our favourite law firms that are totally nailing social media.

social media for law firms

We’re experts at crafting outstanding content for law firms here at Boss Digital. If you’re a law firm that needs an exciting, engaging angle on social media, contact us today for a free consultation.

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