Striking Off On Socials? 5 of the Best Performing Law Firms on Social Media

When you think of brands on social media, you probably think of Innocent’s legendary Bake Off recaps on Twitter. Or maybe you think of Glossier’s perfectly millennial pink, just-got-out-the-shower-and-yes-I-always-look-this-perfect dewy beauty looks. One thing is for certain though: when you think of brands on social media, you probably think of B2C brands. 

That kind of thinking is what’s holding your law firm back! You might not be quite tuned into it yet, but law firms are taking social media by storm in all kinds of ways – conventional and not-so. From being professional on LinkedIn to letting loose on TikTok, here are some of the best law firms on social media. 

Morgan & Morgan’s TikTok

As one of the largest injury law firms in America, you’d think Morgan & Morgan would take themselves incredibly seriously. They might be on other channels, but TikTok is the place to shed that more corporate attitude and show the more personable, human side of your business. With almost 70,000 followers, TikTok is their second most popular social media platform (with Facebook only just surpassing it with 80k followers.) Despite the slightly lower numbers, Morgan & Morgan’s TikTok boasts the highest amount of engagement across any of their channels. Whilst their Facebook averages 50 pieces of engagement per post, their TikTok has engagement into the tens of thousands.

Their content is widely varied, but their most popular features their founder John Morgan driving and sharing funny tidbits – dubbed ‘60 seconds with John.’ They also share general tips for law students, humanising content featuring the lawyers of Morgan & Morgan, and explainer videos on big law events in the news.

Law firm on Tiktok

Greenberg Traurig’s LinkedIn

The go-to platform for B2B businesses everywhere, LinkedIn is absolutely the place to start with law firms on social media presence. And in our humble opinion, Greenberg Traurig is really showing law firms everywhere how it’s done. With consistent (they post at least once a day) and fully branded posts, GT (which, if you consult their banner, means ‘go-to’ – we love it!) shows off their employees, company culture and accomplishments with even some educational content thrown into the mix.

Their LinkedIn presence is especially great because it blends a combination of ultra-professional, fully-branded assets with more candid, humanising content. Both types of content are engaging, but their candid content wins out every time with almost a 200% increase in engagement. There’s a lesson to be learned here – a professional tone has its place, but when you want to authentically connect with an audience, nothing trumps unpolished candid content. 

Law firm on LinkedIn

Attorney Tom’s YouTube channel

Between the Eve Cornwells and the Legal Eagles of the YouTuber lawyer space, there’s Attorney Tom. When it comes to law firms on social media, your first thought probably isn’t Youtube. But as a walking advertisement for his personal injury firm, Tom Kherkher dishes out educational content in a fun and lighthearted way without any legalese to muddy the information. With every video, Tom continues to build a loyal community of almost half a million viewers that regularly engage with his content. 

His fast-pacing, flashy editing and casual, wholesome tone (‘Hey y’all!’) appeal to every kind of audience – from fellow lawyers to casual viewers. He frequently creates content across several platforms, taking snippets from popular forum website Reddit and short-form video platform TikTok, and continues to build his community across multiple platforms. 

Even his website testimonials mention how great and engaging his Youtube channel is! That’s great marketing.

Law firm on Youtube

DLA Piper’s Instagram

A visual platform might feel like a strange place for a law firm. Who wants to see photos of grey offices and suits? To that we say, think bigger! Instagram is a great place to show off the more human side of your firm. DLA Piper does a great job of showing off their employees and celebrating diversity through their ‘#discoverdlapiper’ hashtag. They also provide plenty of educational content in attractive slideshow assets for bitesize, easy to digest information.  

An aspect of Instagram that DLA Piper really understands how to utilise is Stories. From their ‘Why I Lawyer’ testimonials from inspiriting employees to their Pro Bono Q&As, this law firm is tackling their audience’s every need with their short, snappy content. 

Law firm on Instragram

Zayed Law Offices’ Twitter

Much like Attorney Tom, Adam Zayed recognises that sometimes, it’s much easier to connect with an audience as an individual instead of a corporation. Adam Zayed, head of trial law firm Zayed Law Offices, tweets almost every day with hundreds and thousands of engagements (which, you’ll know if you’ve ever tried to market yourself on Twitter, is something of a marvel.) 

Adam swings between fun, lighthearted tweets about Darth Vader and relatable posts about parenthood to tweets celebrating new employees and engaging polls on Twitter’s ‘business take of the day.’ 

If you are or know law firms on social media that need an exciting, engaging angle, contact us today for a free consultation. We’re experts at crafting outstanding content for law firms all over the country.

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