The Text Best Thing? The Benefits Of SMS Marketing For Your Business

In today’s society, people expect to be able to do almost anything at the touch of a button – and communication is certainly no exception. With over 6 billion text messages sent each day (a number that is always increasing), it’s clear consumers are undoubtedly on board with this method of communication. And your business should be, too. 

Whether you are a recruitment agency looking to provide efficient job alerts to candidates, an e-commerce business ready to drive sales with exclusive offers or a B2C company looking to improve your customer service, SMS marketing has a place in almost every sector and should not be overlooked by any business. To prove this, we’ve compiled a list of 8 of the top benefits of SMS marketing for your business: 

  1. Customer satisfaction: with 89% of consumers reporting that they would like businesses to communicate with them via text message, a simple SMS is more than likely to lead to several happy customers. 
  2. Efficient: due to the nature of text messages, little preparation is required, and once you have your content ready to go you can distribute it instantly at the touch of a button. 
  3. Cost-effective: aside from the cost of SMS tools, there is virtually no investment required for SMS marketing. And with response rates of around 45%, it is certainly a worthwhile investment. 
  4. Competitive advantage: these days, consumers’ inboxes are overflowing with marketing material from businesses in all sectors. Standing out is hard. On the other hand, SMS marketing is yet to be adopted by the masses, meaning it can help to differentiate your business and get your message across. Don’t believe us? Well, a recent survey found that 70% of consumers agree that SMS marketing is an effective way for businesses to grab their attention.
  5. Improved conversions: according to a recent study by Velocify, communicating with leads via SMS can help boost conversion rates by up to 100% – pretty impressive, right. 
  6. Customer engagement: research has found that on average, 97% of SMS marketing messages are read within 15 minutes of delivery and response rates are up to 209% higher than phone calls. 
  7. Trackable results: thanks to the digital nature of SMS marketing, you can track the performance of each SMS almost instantly. With the help of SMS marketing tools, you will be able to obtain detailed insights into each of your campaigns in one convenient location.
  8. Improved ROI: 45% of SMS marketing campaigns have generated a positive ROI, with the average earning per message varying between $0.69 – $8.11 depending on the type of campaign. 

With benefits like these, I’m sure you are eager to jump on board and get started with SMS marketing, but before you do, make sure you consider the following: 

  1. Have you obtained permission from each of your contacts? (And included an opt-out option)
  2. Have you researched which SMS marketing tool will work best for your business?
  3. Have you defined your campaign goals and message?
  4. Have you included a clear CTA (call to action)?
  5. Have you identified yourself?

So, now you are ready to get started with SMS marketing, let’s explore some of the ways it can help to boost your business’ ROI, including sending:

  1. Exclusive deals 
  2. Important updates
  3. Efficient access to insights and important information
  4. Follow-up texts

So, to summarise if you are looking to form deeper relationships with your customers and want to keep your audience engaged without spending an arm and a leg, SMS marketing could be just the thing for you. 


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