The Art of City Branding

A city needs a strong brand to attract tourism, future residents and protect its global reputation. In some cases, a logo for a city can become an internationally recognised symbol (such as “I Love NY”), and in the social media age, there is pressure for cities to attract visitors using online marketing and brand building.

Older cities in Europe can lean on famous landmarks and interesting histories for their brand, whereas younger cities such as Los Angeles must focus on the new – glamour, sports teams and future icons.

This infographic, which I created for Mojo Promotions, compares major cities around the world and their branding elements, logos, taglines and social following. From Berlin’s focus on culture and the arts to Cape Town’s push on the vibrancy of its culture – each city has a different brand and approach to selling itself.

Branding a city is a huge task, and each campaign is as unique as the city it represents – here is a whistlestop tour of branding around the world!

the-art-of-city-branding_5540a6d6620f2_w1500 (1)

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