The Children Taking the Blogging World by Storm

Even the most experienced and proficient of bloggers will sit and stare at a blank screen from time to time wondering what on earth to write about. I have had this problem many a time and today was no exception. As I wracked my brain to think of something to write about, I remembered a story I came across the other day about a little girl and her school dinner blog, so I thought I would delve a little deeper into the world of children’s blogging.

Martha’s School Dinner Blog

Martha Paine is a nine year old girl from Argyll who started a blog called ‘Never Seconds’ with the help of her dad. The blog featured a photo of her school dinner each day, together with her rating of the food in terms of both how healthy it was and how it tasted. Martha’s journey has been well documented in the media, as she has faced problems along the way with her school trying to ban her from taking the photos (this was subsequently lifted after an influx of complaints). Since setting up her blog, Martha has raised an astonishing amount for Mary’s Meals, a charity dedicated to providing nutritious school meals within some of the world’s poorest communities.

The success of Martha’s blog has led to her gaining support from school dinner crusader Jamie Oliver, as well as appearing on programmes such as The One Show. Martha is a fantastic inspiration to any blogger feeling writer’s block strike and a shining example of just how powerful a simple little blog can become with dedication and determination.

Gloson’s Tech Blog

Gloson Teh is a Malaysian tech blogger, nothing really spectacular about that, except for the fact that Gloson is 13 years old. He uses his blog to discuss social media trends, provide insightful information on Google Analytics and offer advice to budding bloggers. Gloson has gained an awful lot of attention for his sharp analytical skills and words of wisdom that stretch way beyond his years.

Whilst Gloson’s main blog is tech related he encourages his users to view his other blog which is dedicated to his poetry. Most notable titles include ‘Space Adventure’ and ‘My Land of Dinosaurs’, highlighting that whilst he may be a mastermind when it comes to all things tech, he does also possess the norms of a typical young boy!

Maelo’s Political Blog

Maelo Manning’s blog, ‘LibDemChild’ has fast become one of the top political blogs in the UK. Maelo is just thirteen years old yet produces thought provoking and heartfelt blog posts on a range of topics. Post titles include ‘The Speech I Would Have Given at the Welfare Reform’, ‘Will America Become the New Greece?’ and ‘A Sad Day for Coalition Politics’. Manning offered an honest and insightful child’s perspective of the 2011 London Riots which helped elevate her in the world of political blogging.

Maelo is no typical thirteen year old girl; her writing is a cut above and she can be witty and heart-breaking at the same time, but most of all she talks about the stuff that truly matters yet goes under the radar for most children her age.

The passion that Martha, Gloson and Maelo show for their subject of interest serves as a lesson to us all and just a few minutes spent scanning their blogs will surely get you fired up to create your next post.

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