There’s No Such Thing As A Boring Market

There’s no such thing as a boring market. Only boring marketers.

If we advertise a copywriting position for the health and fitness market, we’ll have 5 applications in as many minutes.

If we advertise a copywriting position for professional services, we’ll be lucky to get 5 applications in a week.

But here’s the thing, the applicants for the latter will be stronger than for the former. Much stronger.

Because the first group weren’t interested in copywriting. They were interested in health and fitness. And while sector insight/enthusiasm is valuable, it by no means equates to talent as a writer or marketer.

The applicants for the “boring markets” on the other hand, are interested in their discipline for its own sake. They want nothing more than to take a fantastically dull brand and turn it into something astonishing.

The same is true of any discipline or channel (designer, social media expert, videographer, etc) – look for the peculiar individual who is drawn to selling a widget. The weirdo who wants nothing more than to combine deep audience analysis with powerful behavioural tools to grow a firm of accountants. Or whose eyes light up at the thought of turning nauseatingly complex cyber security data into a powerful story and community.

Because that unicorn – that rare and special individual who cares about their discipline for its own end – is what we call a marketer.


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