Three 2023 fitness trends to inspire your gym and help it attract and retain more customers

The fitness industry continues to reach new heights year-on-year. And 2023 is no exception to the rule. Keeping up with emerging trends is essential if your gym is to successfully compete with its rivals and avoid being left behind.

Here are three 2023 fitness trends designed to get your gym marketing strategy into its best shape ever, helping you to attract new customers and retain existing ones too.

#1 Wearable tech for gyms

Although not brand new wearable technology is still one of the top 2023 fitness trends and shows no signs of abating. But how can smart watches, belts, and other must-have accessories help your gym win new customers?

Here are three reasons that might surprise you…

#1 Boosts enjoyment levels

Wearable tech makes workouts more fun – increasing the likelihood of participants joining a gym like yours, provided you have the right in-house set up.

#2 Build a committed community

Building on the above, creating a league board where members can publish results will create a stronger sense of community and increase participation.

#3 People love seeing improvement

Happy members are more likely to stay and sing your praises – meaning they become brand advocates that actively upsell the benefits of your gym.

2023 fitness marketing

#2 Virtual reality training

Virtual reality was a craze in the 80s, most especially in the gaming community. But it wasn’t long before the limitations of this technology became apparent. Interest dwindled and VR was reduced to a heap of digital dust. And yet here it is: one of a small number of 2023 fitness trends transforming gyms throughout the world.

Should you invest in VR technology for gyms or take a step back – in case history repeats itself and the trend reveals itself as little more than a fad.

We’ll leave that decision to you. But here are two ways you could incorporate virtual reality into your marketing strategy.

#1 Cater to the WFH brigade with VR workouts

Not everyone has the time to schlep 20-minutes across town to the gym – even though they’re looking for new ways to keep fit. VR workouts solve this common conundrum by allowing people to work up a sweat from the comfort of their living room.

Master VR and you’ll be tapping into a demographic previously beyond your reach, meanwhile boosting your ROI and future-proofing your gym in the event of another Covid-19 wave or similar crisis.

VR room

#2 Create a dedicated VR room with minimal outlay

Jumping on the 2023 fitness trends bandwagon could yield great results if you’re brave enough to create a dedicated VR room.

The novelty factor alone will draw new customers in and you could create a range of attention-grabbing content pieces for your digital channels.

Introducing VR tech means you’d also be able to introduce experiences and environments that would be unachievable in a conventional gym.

#3 The meteoric rise of micro gyms

Big thinking fitness brands are already harnessing the benefits of micro gyms which are pop-up facilities that can be set up in a customer’s garage, garden, or almost anywhere that has space.

Far from a fad, pop-up gyms are one of the biggest 2023 gym trends, catering to a market that includes everyone from fitness fanatics and bulking bodybuilders through to yoga devotees and Pilates lovers.

Moving away from the limitations imposed by strict gym layouts, you could send instructors to meet clients who either couldn’t – or didn’t want – to workout in a public facility.

Not sure how to incorporate 2023 fitness trends or need more general support with your marketing?

Then contact one of our gym marketing specialists to learn more and let’s talk over a cup of coffee (or should that be a healthy cup of green tea?).

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