Three must-know 2023 email trends for accountants

Competing in the accounting space isn’t getting easier. So how can you get the edge on your rivals? Take social media as an example. You’re competing against the world now, not just other accounting firms. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is time-consuming because, let’s face it, the algorithms are always changing and your competitors keep nabbing the top spot – meaning you’re only king for a day.

Could 2023 email trends help your accountancy firm up its marketing game? Let’s find out.


Gamify your email marketing

Only a handful of 2023 email trends are as contentious as gamification: a process that involves inserting interactive elements into emails to improve user engagement.

As an accounting firm it’s important to present a professional image; but wouldn’t you also like to break the mould by doing something your competitors aren’t?

Gamification needn’t be spinning wheels and puzzles (elements that might overwhelm and ultimately confuse your audience). 

Rather, they can be…

  • Feedback forms – perhaps with an incentive attached to encourage users to participate
  • Loyalty programs where customers benefit from referring new business to your firms

Depending on your game’s complexities considerable time and investment will be needed – efforts that will repay their weight in gold by delivering richer user experiences that bring customers closer to your brand.

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Social proof is powerful

Rewriting an email subject line until it sings is admirable. So is spending hours writing and editing your message to make it as persuasive (and relevant) as possible to your audience. But what use are claims without evidence?

Your firm must win the trust of its audience by demonstrating it’s a safe pair of hands. After all, clients must trust you to recommend products and services in their best interest and execute subsequent tasks flawlessly.

That’s why social proof is the top 2023 email trend your firm should ignore as its peril.

  • Ask happy customers to post reviews on Google, Trustpilot, and
  • Embed them into the footers in your emails 
  • Convert them into case studies and share these too

As part of your joined-up omnichannel marketing strategy your reputation will quickly spread and conversions increase.

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The rise of AI-generated emails

Unsurprisingly AI-generated emails are a 2023 email trend. And it’s easy to understand the appeal. After all, tools like Bard and ChatGPT can be used to generate powerful subject lines and structures you can use to gain a competitive advantage.

AI tools go much further than this though and can be used to:

  • Determine the best time to send an email
  • Predict how users will react to your message

AI isn’t just a research tool. It’s a tactical weapon you can use to target the right people at the right moment – significantly increasing opportunities to convert them from idle scrollers into loyal customers.

The newsletter isn’t dead

Often written off by marketers (who see it as passé – and a relic of the past) newsletters continue to help businesses form strong connections with their audience.

  • Want to offer insight on industry regulation or changes?
  • Expanding your service provision?
  • Hiring a new employee?
  • Moving to a bigger office?

Then tell your customers about some or all of these things in a monthly newsletter. You can even separate these topics into different emails depending on your customer demographic to ensure content is tailored to the needs of your audience.

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Which 2023 email trends are best for accounting firms?

Apart from the topics covered above we’d also recommend:

  • Focussing less on click through rates and instead paying attention to your subscribe and unsubscribe ratios to get an overall picture of audience engagement
  • Using feedback to understand the ever-changing needs of your audience – so you can create authentic messaging that really resonates
  • Plain text emails might sound dull but they’re less likely to be banned by providers and customers often appreciate the simplicity

We know the best 2023 email marketing trends

So book a call with one of our experts today and let’s talk email strategy over a hot beverage.

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