Three reasons why email is the unsung hero of digital marketing


Email is often overlooked – perhaps because it’s seen as a bit old fashioned. But in most markets, it’s the single most valuable asset you have alongside your website.

There are three primary reasons for this:
– It can drive sales like crazy – in many ecommernce markets, promotional emails account for the majority of sales made. There are some huge brands online who make up to 95% of their sales via promotional offers they send via email.
– It can drive your content promotion on social media – this may sound counterintuitive but a lot of brands will struggle to promote their content directly on social media as people can be reluctant to share content from a brand. However, if you send it out via email, then your core audience will share it on your behalf, and their contacts will then be far more inclined to share it further.
– You own it – you have no control over what Facebook or Twitter will do in the next12 months. You may lose your business page one day and there’s nothing you can do about it, or more likely they’ll just continue to raise the cost of advertising until it becomes prohibitive. Your email list, on the other hand, is yours.

So email may not be the most glamorous of marketing channels, but for many businesses it’s one of the most important. If that isn’t the case for your business then perhaps you’re not paying enough attention to it?

See you next time.

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