The Perfect Partnership: 5 Tips to Level Up your Law Firm’s Influencer Marketing Campaigns

What can your law firm do to maximise the effectiveness of your influencer marketing campaigns? These tips will help to ensure your investment is worthwhile.

If your law firm is just getting started with influencer marketing, we recommend checking out our ultimate guide or ‘getting started’ blog first. But if you’re ready to take your influencer marketing to the next level, keep on reading. From leveraging their expertise to getting the most out of every piece of content, we’ll talk you through how to optimise your campaigns from the get-go.

#1 It’s not all about the numbers

Whilst it can be tempting to focus on follower count and other vanity metrics when deciding which influencers to work with, your law firm will be far better off prioritising influencers who align with your brand values and have a genuine passion for what you do. At this stage, you’ll also want to consider your campaign objectives. Different influencers will be better suited to different objectives, so defining your goals prior to reaching out is key.

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With that being said, once your campaigns are underway, the numbers will begin to matter. Ensure to monitor performance against any KPIs and campaign objectives so you can get an idea of what works and tailor your strategy accordingly.

#2 Build relationships beyond the campaign

Ultimately, influencers are people just like you and I. Take the time to get to know who they are, their preferences, goals and interests, and you may just find it will help you out in the long run. You’ll want to start building genuine relationships with them before reaching out for any partnerships. This will show them you have an interest in who they are and what they do and make them more inclined to work with you.

#3 Set expectations

As a law firm, you’ll know all about the importance of contracts. And influencer marketing is no exception. For your campaigns to succeed, you need to set clear expectations from the outset. This means ensuring you cover everything from communication plans and budgets to content expectations and campaign goals. Leave nothing to the imagination. 

#4 Get the inside scoop

When it comes to influencer marketing for law firms, you need to remember it’s a partnership – not a dictatorship. Your firm would do well to leverage your chosen influencers’ industry expertise and social platform knowledge. Not to mention their unmatched understanding of your target audience and incredible content marketing ability.

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Source: B2B Marketing

#4 Reduce, repurpose, recycle 

If your plan is to share one piece of content on one social media platform, you’re highly unlikely to achieve the results you desire. You’ve paid to partner with a known and trusted legal influencer, so be sure to leverage the content from your campaign.

For your content to succeed, it must not only align with your existing strategy, but should feel authentic and really resonate with your audience. The trick here is to let the influencer take the wheel. As we mentioned earlier, they know exactly what their audience wants to see, and if your law firm tries to take too much control, it won’t go unnoticed. Remember: authenticity is key. 

Looking to boost your influencer marketing campaigns? Check out our case studies to discover how we’ve helped brands to achieve big with influencer marketing or contact us today to organise a free consultation with one of our marketing experts. 


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