The only traffic graph in analytics that’s worth obsessing over


One of the biggest challenges from an analytics perspective is being able to filter out the noise. We jump on to Google Analytics, see the traffic going up, and then can’t fathom why this isn’t reflected in the conversion data. The problem is that website traffic on its own doesn’t tell you much, because only a very small proportion of those will actually be people who are looking to buy something. Yes it’s great for brand awareness if lots of people are landing on your blogs or browsing your galleries – of course that can only be a good thing, but its value per visit is minute. Whereas there are other sections of your website – the pages where you sell stuff – where the value is substantial.

For example, if I have a 5% conversion rate on a particular service landing page, and the value of a conversion is £1000, then the value of each visitor on that page is £50. That’s not insignificant!

So this is what I suggest you do – create a segment in google analytics that includes noting but these landing pages, which are basically all your service pages.

You may or may not want to include the home page, which in some cases can convert, but generally I wouldn’t as again there’s just too much noise on there.

Have this segment set up permanently so it is always there whenever you go in.

Then when you go into analytics, yes you can play around looking at different things, but in just one click you can see the traffic that actually pays the bills.

See you next time.


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